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A Big "Howdy" from Texas!!

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Hi all!! I'm new to BW, so just trying to find my way around. We are the lucky owners of two beagles--Jingles and Jackson. I posted their pics in the "Large Photo Format" forum.

I look forward to reading about everyone's babies...and hope to learn a lot. Our oldest boy, Jingles...suffers from arthritis (he will be 9 Christmas Day}, and has thyroid problems (on daily meds for that). He is on a "pulse" medication system for the arthritis...somedays it seems to help...other days I'm not so sure.
I'm hoping to get some feedback from all you other longtime beagle owners.
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Welcome to Beagle World. I love senior beagles and Jingles looks most regal with his grey /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Jackson is a fine looking youngster. My beaagle, the Bagel, is between 11 and 13 and is just starting slow down. Fortunately, he doesn't know he's old. I rescued my Bagel the same year you got Jingles and he was between 3 and 5 when I got him.

Bagel fancies himself the might hunter but like Python Pete, he only gets to hunt on-lead. I am amaszed, I could never get the Bagel to pose for such a picture, yet you got both Jingles and Jackson, impressive.

Welcome and look for to exchanging stories. There a lot of senior beagles represented on Beagle World. I.m sure you'll enjoy our stories.
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Hi and Welcome to you!

I saw the boys picture on Large Photo...dynamite photo! And Jingles and Jackson are quite handsome, to say the least!

We got our Henry out of a shelter last February. He is between 3-6 yrs. old. We are all completely in love with him and glad he came to be our little boy.

We look forward to Jingles and Jackson stories!
Welcome to you, Beegonia, and Jingles and Jackson!!! :wave:

I just saw your handsome duo in the other forum. Would love to hear more about your boys and see more pics, too /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif .
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Just saw your babies on the large photo format ...they are adorable !! I too have a senior beag. My Sammy will be 10 years old on February 2.

Welcome to you all and I look forward to sharing stories !!

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