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I got this notice from Jen at my local Beagle meetup group.


I had someone contact me today to help her find a new home for their 5 month old female beagle. They live in West Chester, PA. The owner is highly allergic so she needs to find her a good home. The beagle is wonderful around her four children, very needy and affectionate. She had her first round of shots, but was then diagnosed with puppy mange so missed second round of shots due to puppy mange medication; mange seems to be cleared up but is still on medication. The owner is willing to deal with her terrible skin rash and eczema until a good home is found. She won’t be able to email me pictures but said she’s white, black and brown. Please let me know if you are interested.


This message was sent by Jen ([email protected]) from The Greater Philadelphia Beagle Meetup Group.
If you are interested please contact Jen.
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