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5 Mo Old Hiding Things

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Please remember that I'm new to beagles...
Bernie is now 5 months old, and I'm starting to notice something odd. Odd to me at least.

When I go to give him his greenies, he used to eat them right up. Now he's running and hiding them.

Today he took it to our bedroom, and hid it in the back of my husband's closet. He then kept rubbing his nose on the area.

After he was finished, I grabbed it and tried to give it to him. He then took it and hid it in the pile of laundry and again...did the nose rubbing thing.

I pulled it out and gave it to him for a third time. He took it into our front room and started hiding it under the shoes lined up on the floor. He gently picked up a shoe and put it over the treat and kept rubbing his nose around the area.

Is this normal? Is it a bad habit?
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It's totally normal, our 5yr old still does this with her rawhide chewies. She hides them in our closet under the dirty clothes or in my daughters pile of dress up clothes in her room or under the kids pillows. He is just hiding them and he is using his nose to cover them up the same as he would do outside if he dug a hole to bury his greenie in then he would have to put the dirt back on top. Just leave it where he puts it and he will go back and get it if he wants it
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Our first two beagles did that all the time, they would bury them in the garden and wonder why they weren't there several weeks later. Our present two know only too well the other will sniff a treat out and eat it, so no hiding things with them.
sounds like a squirrel!!!

give him flower bulbs outside and see where he plants them!!!
Originally Posted By: A doghouseOur present two know only too well the other will sniff a treat out and eat it, so no hiding things with them.
Sounds like what happens at my house, too. Maybe it's only that competition that keeps my dogs from burying and hiding treats.
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Perfectly normal ... for a beagle! I honestly don't know of a another breed that does this. First time I saw it with my Maggie was on one of our walks -- I had just given her a greenie and she would not let go of it so I let her hold it on our walk. She held onto it the entire walk and then, just as we approached my neighbor's home on the way back, Maggie pulled me hard towards the garden area in front of her house. Before I could stop her, Maggie started to dig a hole and then dropped the greenie right in it! I was laughing so hard there was no way I could get upset. I just took the greenie out, pushed the dirt back in and went home with Mags to wash her greenie!
Oh just you wait. Soon he'll do the same with toys, treats, and things he shouldn't have. But he'll probably never forget where he puts anything either and will always want to retrieve something that somehow got put behind a heavy peice of furniture or a locked door. Then you're in for it when he suckers you into helping him get it, even if it takes you all day.
Good luck!
Totally normal. Our Ben does the same thing.

For Christmas he got a bunch of new bones and raw hide type things. He buried them all inthe snow inthe backyard.

In the spring he had a whole new set of things to chew. He is continually pulling out long lost chew toys from places on he knows.

He buries stuff on walks too.

A few weeks ago I even found a stale Eggo buried in the couch.

I think it is great. It keeps him busy and it is pretty funny!
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That's just his natural instinct to want to bury it and save it for a rainy day. It also means he REALLY likes the object too.

Bodie will dig in the floor like he's making a hole, put the object down and then proceed to cover it up with imaginary dirt with his nose. Quite comical if you ask me.
Our guy just recently started this - but it freaked me out too. Apparently it is very normal.

If I give him a rawhide, he spends about 15-20 minutes trying to hide it - some of the hiding places are pathetic. But the longer he's occupied the better so I let him roll with it!! He eventually settles into his spot and starts chewing away!
Ditto: Ours hide Vanilla Waffers. They bury them in the yard the silly doggies.
Same with Snoopy...we are no longer surprised to roll over in bed and find a rawhide buried in the blankets or sit on the couch and find a bone down between the cushions. No blanket or nook in our house is safe--if it looks like a great hiding place then sooner or later, she will bury something there. BTW--our cocker spaniel did this too.
Murphy also does it.

It's hilarious to watch him. He'll take something and scout around for a hiding place. Once he finds the hiding place he works whatever he's hiding into for a couple minutes. That's about the time I walk over and look.

Murphy then gives me a look of exasperation, picks it back up, and the search begins again. I can keep him looking for a hiding place for 30 minutes or more!
Rocky has never done that but Daisy always has buried her toys. Sometimes she'll even bury them in the dirt! Although, she never can leave them. LOL She'll bury it, start to walk away, look around like she's waiting for someone to come take it, then run back and get it. LOL See the video below to see her bury her duck...

Daisy burying Stanely
Rather like burying a bone, don't you think....
Yep, add Maggie to the list of beagles that likes to bury her toys and treats.
Colby does the same thing with bigger treats such as bones. He'll act like he is digging a hole and then place the treat inside of the hole. He will then attempt to cover up the hole with his nose. And he is whining the whole time he is doing this. It is pretty darn funny.
Maggie does that also but she has to keep going and checking to see if its still there. Her current favorite place is between the couch cushions.
we gave sophie a rawhide stick one time, it was about 18 long by about 1 thick. we turned around, and i swear to you, in less than a mintue, it was gone. it has never been seen again. i have no idea how she could hide something in an apt so that it disappears, but she apparently can. since then, a few other things have gone to the beagle twilight zone too.
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