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I got Chloe used to me touching her all over, and basically today she doesn't even mind when I examine her and touch her, and minds her own business.
Pita is 5 months now, and if she smells you can wash her in the shower, just make sure you dry her out carefully and don't take her outside for a few hours after that, to make sure she is completely dry.
I would suggest that you have her on the lead whne you wash her, and wait until she is calm before you turn on the water. Then treat her everytime you do something and she doesn't go wild. Everytime you do something, and she starts resisting, wait until she calms down, praise her, treat, and then continue. It will take time, and probably several showers, and she might never really like it (some dogs are just like that), but she will learn to behave in the shower.

About the spaying - definitely. You don't want to breed her, it will save you the mess when she is in heat, it's healthier for her and she won't get accidentally pregnant (and you know how many homeless puppies and dogs are out there...).

Good-Luck :thumbup:
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