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A silly ditty to match the photos below of a very familiar sight to any beagle owner!

Thanks Beeg! :beagle:

When life is getting pretty heavy
and work just seems to just pile right up
it’s good to look down by your feet and see
the white-tipped tail of your beagle pup.

He doesn’t care about stressful deadlines
or whether the mortgage is getting paid
He just wants to join you for a walk
or show you the mess he’s proudly made!

He might not always come when you call.
He might nip a few holes in your socks.
But he will gladly curl up next to you
and help soften life’s little knocks.

He may drive you or your partner crazy
By digging up your once neat front yard.
But then he'll do you an indirect favour
by tearing up the odd credit card!

You may come home once or twice to find
A plumped-up beagle; bloated and hunched
Waddling towards you in wide-eyed self-pity
After stolen sausages were feverishly munched.

He may create problems from time to time,
So often, you’ll clean up after him
And mend your clothes or have to apologise
When he gets amorous with a neighbour’s limb! :blush:

But remember what he does for you
Even after what he puts you through
Like destroying your mail or shredding your shoes
Or rolling with glee in a heap of cow's……… mess.

Or when you’re hosting a party and find with horror,
The hound has hoovered up your homemade linguini!
Or when he escapes from the garden and just disappears
(Earning himself the apt nickname: Houndini!)

How can you repay this little creature?
With food, with treats, with expensive gifts?
No, as these pictures seem to show,
All our hounds want, is plenty of sniffs!


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Very nice!! :) Just yesterday I put on a pair of socks that had "vampire teeth" holes in them. Ah, they are just socks. Chloe must have just wanted me to remember to feed her as I put on my socks in the morning!

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One of my beagles earned the nickname Houdini. Its more common than I thought.
He would dig under the fence and go to the park. He never would make the hole big enough for his brother. Who promptly ratted him out.
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