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Well here I am...a puppy survivor!
Your puppy is adorable..i cant believe there's any naughty behavior...lol
1) read up on puppy behavior.
2). Puppies bite and nip for a few months..
3) dont allow freedom in your house..restrict the area so he doesnt think he owns the place.
4.)CRATE TRAIN.. read up on this.
5. )Dont spank or yell for biting BUT be firm and say No. When biting.
6) hand feed your dog by cupping the food in your hands..creates a bond ..." dont bite the hand that feeds you " as the saying goes...
7) give your dog chew toys to take out the chewing need.
8)start giving commands and using the same words and use his name when addressing him.
8) get a clicker at the petstore..watch YouTube videos on how to use one.
9. Dont play rough house games which gets the dog overly excited..it always ends in biting during this early phase.
10) watch any young children that they dont get nipped.
11) keep a leash on the dog so you can control any naughtiness.

This is Cassie 10.6 yrs...a former biter
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Beagles are stubborn and seem to take longer on various things like potty training.. just say NO BARKING when he growls. Get that Clicker.. when he follows a command click it and give a tiny treat..the sound lets him kmow he's done something right.. clickers may look a little different but the concept is the same. BTW.. my dog loves her crate.at this point I dont need to close the door..she just goes in on her own to sleep.
You are going to go through some frustrating times but it does get better.. just adjust as you find what works..
When your dog is about 5 months get into an obedience class. In the meantime get your dog to focus on your commands..
Stay on the forum for advice.
Here is my clicker which i dont need to use anymore...
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