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  1. Beagle Discussions
    Help! We just adopted our sweetheart of a beagle Milo. He is 10 weeks old. We've had him for about 5 days now. But overall he's the sweetest puppy except when he doesn't get his way he starts growling and snapping. This can be if he's laying on your lap and you go to get up, if you're in the car...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi all looking for some advice, I went to view a begale puppy yesterday and was curious about it's size and weight. The documents from the health check showed it weighed 1.6kg at 8 weeks old. This seems quite a bit lower than the average reported online for a beagle My question: does anyone...
  3. Beagle Discussions
    hello, I currently own a 16-17 week old beagle, and me and my family are getting beyond frustrated… to the point where my brother and mom are debating surrendering her… She nips, bites, growls at times and is so energetic We take her for walks and she hates them, she is either hauling me or...
  4. Health and Welfare
    My 14 weeks puppy got a runny nose, yellow eyes discharge and sneezes all the time. I can see a soft poop too. His mood hasn't changed and he is eating fine and playfull. I am worried. I have an appointment in 6 days for his last shots.. should take him to the vet or wait ? We went to the beach...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Murphy was born on July 30, I got him about 1 month ago, he’s so sweet and so darn cute, I’m really trying to be repetitive in his training but unfortunately he will growl at me ONLY if I try to take this one treat(pig ear) and now if I go near his food, it’s weird cuz he’s so little so anyways...
  6. Beagle Discussions
    Murphy has such different markings than my other beagles, he’s 16 weeks, and a sweet boy, o was just wondering if anyone else has a pure bred beagle with no white stripe between his eyes/on his nose? Thanks for the response in advance.
1-6 of 6 Results