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  1. Beagle Discussion
    Hello! Me and my family recently adopted a 3 month old beagle named Dobby and the most difficult thing we’ve found to deal with is Dobby’s biting, he’s always biting at our hands and arms, we’ve tried many attempts to cut down on the biting such as giving him a toy to bite on instead, saying...
  2. Beagle Discussion
    Hey guys! I wanna share a story of the accident my baby girl had, in hopes some of you can help us with anything you can.. . My little Gina, tricolor 2 years beagle, had an accident some time ago... We don't actually know what happened, we suspect some neighbor hit her with something really hard...
  3. Beagle Discussion
    My dog Albus, is just destroying everything! He's a rescue, I got him when he was around 4 months old. I was told at the time he was Black Lab/Husky.. Turns out, my boy is 62% Beagle, and 22% Black Lab, and the rest is a mixed bag. I honestly didn't care what he was. But, I did a dog DNA test...
1-3 of 3 Results