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  1. Health and Welfare
    My dog Ollie (10) was diagnosed with arthritis last summer. For now it only seems to affect his legs, his spine is fine. He was put on Carprodyl (I'm in NL, don't know if it has different names elsewhere) and has been on that since. We also got him to loose a bit of weight and he gets...
  2. Beagle Discussion
    I've had my beagle puppy for 5 weeks now (he is 14weeks) i never cleaned his ears, i look inside and i see that they are clean (no wax) should i clean them anyways ? How deep shoud i go ? Please help, first time dog owner. Thanks
  3. Health and Welfare
    My 14 weeks puppy got a runny nose, yellow eyes discharge and sneezes all the time. I can see a soft poop too. His mood hasn't changed and he is eating fine and playfull. I am worried. I have an appointment in 6 days for his last shots.. should take him to the vet or wait ? We went to the beach...
  4. Health and Welfare
    Please help Needingng to know if others have experienced anything similar in their Beagle... Our Moxy is 15 years old. She's a small 13 inch female. In the past 24 hours she has had three episodes that may be seizures but the don't present exactly like that. The day before yesterday she was...
  5. Beagle Discussion
    Hey guys! I wanna share a story of the accident my baby girl had, in hopes some of you can help us with anything you can.. . My little Gina, tricolor 2 years beagle, had an accident some time ago... We don't actually know what happened, we suspect some neighbor hit her with something really hard...
1-5 of 5 Results