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  1. I need help for my Beagle Gina, she's been paralyzed from the hip below

    Beagle Discussion
    Hey guys! I wanna share a story of the accident my baby girl had, in hopes some of you can help us with anything you can.. . My little Gina, tricolor 2 years beagle, had an accident some time ago... We don't actually know what happened, we suspect some neighbor hit her with something really hard...
  2. Beagle 6 Months Eating Habits & Scratching

    Beagle Discussion
    My Beagle puppy is 6 months old, named Aarya. What's the recommended food and qty? Presently I am using Drools and RC. Also while taking for the walk he sits on the road and started scratching his neck. I couldn't find any Tocks on the neck. Please suggest the eating pattern and the scratching...