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fenzhi 03-04-2012 03:28 AM

Introducing the mighty Milo!
It's nearly three years since our old family beagle, Henry, died and my mum and dad have been missing his furry company. In a way, I think maybe they thought they would be marring his memory by inviting a new beagle into the home and so instead, for the past three years, they have been actively volunteering to look after Monty from time to time despite living at the oppostite end of this island we call Britain- living in fact in a separate country! Each time we have reclaimed Monty the Monster, both my parents have looked crestfallen- particularly my dad who really does thrive on the companionship and character of a beagle. So, after some 'intervention' (some may call it 'busy-bodying'!) by their pestering daughter, I got in touch with a welfare site for beagles here. I arranged a home visit, and before too long at all, we were driving off to see a four year beagle who needed a new home. His name was Milo.
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