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Hiccup's Mommy 07-24-2019 04:48 PM

Potty Training your 10 week old beagle.
So i been struggling trying to get my little guy to potty outside. I do work full time so he is in the crated from about 6:30 am - 5pm Monday - Friday. I do feel like that torture but its the only option being that its only me and my 10 yr old son. I need any advice anyone can give me pertaining to potty training him. I do take him out twice a day for about 15-20 minutes but he never uses the bathroom he may pee but for the most part he plays. What should i do ? I do have wee wee pads around the house in case of accidents.

techie 07-24-2019 05:49 PM

He's too young to be crated that long. Task your son with taking the puppy out at timed intervals. It will also teach your son responsibility for another being!
Says the woman that doesn't do puppies or had children!

Cassie 07-24-2019 10:32 PM

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Im sorry to be blunt but its best since you're at the start....
Very young puppies need to go out frequently around 1-2 hrs at your puppie's age...around the clock for at least 2 months. Take your dog out on a leash to where you want your puppy to learn to go. Puppy pads around the house only teaches your dog to pee and poop around the house...pads delay the learning process and beagles tend to be a little slower in that department. If you work all day your dog is going to sit in its mess and no other training is happening.
If you have a young child be very carefull....biting starts soon and lasts for several months. Read how to correct that. Its not aggression but a child can get hurt if you're not aware. Dont let your child play rough house with the puppy since puppies get excited and bite more.

Nebuchadnezzar 07-24-2019 11:06 PM

Neb came home at 6 weeks because his rescue adopted out his mother early. I was lucky in that my brother lived in my basement and could take him out midday, but otherwise he was crated while I was at work. When I was at home, I took him out every 1-2 hrs though. Take your guy out more frequently, praise and mark (good pee!) going potty.

For nighttime, you will likely want to take away water a...geez, I don't remember how long - but a certain amount of time before bed so they're more likely to last from their last bedtime potty to morning.

Autumn's Mom 07-28-2019 11:07 AM

Oh boy! You are basically teaching your pup it's ok to go potty in his crate which they don't normally do as they keep their dens clean. Can you possibly hire a dog walker or have a neighbor help? You also need to take him out way more than you are. Yes I do agree that is actually very cruel to do that to a puppy. Sorry to be blunt but that is not how to care for a puppy.

Hiccup's Mommy 08-01-2019 03:40 PM

Thanks for the advice guys ;). Super appreciate it. My son has been taking him out 3 times a day for the past couple of weeks. But once he start school (next week) it will be back to twice a day , early in the morning and in the evening when we get home.During the day he will be in a large size crate one side will have a wee wee pad and the other side will be his bed and food.

Nebuchadnezzar 08-01-2019 08:27 PM

My guys are 3 and 11 years and even they go out three times a day minimum. Before breakfast, in the afternoon (when we get home from work) and before bed. Weekends or during the week if we're around they go out more. I know people who only take even their adult dogs out twice a day but honestly even for adults I don't think it's enough. I know I pee more than twice a day lol. Can you get a dog walker to take him out midday? Then when your son gets home he can take him out again?

Hiccup's Mommy 08-02-2019 08:41 AM

I wish i did could afford someone to take him out during the day while i work, but sadly i cant. He will go out 3 times a day , 1st thing every morning before work and then around 3:30 after my son get home from school and then again before bedtime.

Hiccup's Mommy 08-06-2019 09:44 AM

guys GREAT NEWS!!! Hiccup used his potty grass outside 2 days in row !!! who's getting a bone when mommy comes home...HE IS HE IS !!!!

Nebuchadnezzar 08-06-2019 03:41 PM

Oooh!!!!!! Happy dance! Fantastic news 😊

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