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[email protected] 05-18-2019 02:23 AM

Hello from India
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Hi we just got beagle puppy 60 days old "BROLLY" . He is male healthy and very active. Last few days we observe that he has started passionate biting anything whenever he is in active mode.
Need advice help tips on training, habits, diet, health/vaccination subjects. Thank you

Cassie 05-18-2019 10:59 AM

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Welcome. I dont think we've had someone from India for a long time. Glad you found us. Your puppy is adorable.
Go to "Search" on this forum and put in key words to find great past posts on lots of topics like...
Potty training
Feed your dog the best dog food you can afford. Stay away from human food and fats which gives diarrhea.

Puppies bite so monitor small children. The biting will stop in a couple of months. Dont overly excite the dog that gets them biting. Its not aggression behavior.
Get your dog fully vaccinated.

Later when i have time ill give you more advice..

Mollys Mom 05-18-2019 09:20 PM

Welcome to you and Brolly. He is adorable!!

[email protected] 05-19-2019 01:24 AM

Thank you so much . Glad that you have global presence that's WOW. Thank you sir for your wonderful reply. Certainly will go through other posts and will find answers . This forum is awesome. Brolly had breakfast done and now relaxing under the cupboard lol. Will share more pics in appropriate segment of forum . Thank you 🐕🐾

[email protected] 05-19-2019 01:25 AM

Thanks so much. 🐕🐕🐾🐾😋

techie 05-19-2019 12:25 PM

Welcome to Our Beagle World! Cassie gave you excellent advice too. You might also be sure to microchip your adorable puppy! :D


Cassie 05-19-2019 12:49 PM

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Keep in mind that beagles are NOT off leash dogs. They will run away given the chance because they're all about following a scent. Thats dangerous because they can get hurt or stolen.
See if you can get a "clicker" at a petstore. Its a little great training tool. You can find YouTube videos on how to use it.
Take your dog out on a leash for pee/poop so the dog knows where to go and say something like...lets go peepee...i say that for
Watch electrical cords as they will go for that and furniture.
Looking forward to more pictures.

[email protected] 05-20-2019 03:01 AM

Thank you @Techie,
I need to find out in my area regarding microchip fitting. Yeah thanks for info will check it out. 👍🏻👍🏻🐕&#x1f 43e;

[email protected] 05-20-2019 03:10 AM

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Thanks buddy yes your tips are awesome great surely will follow up.
Here are some more photos of our Brolly he loves to get under the bed,cupboards n very fond of tunnelling hehe 🐕🐾

Cassie 05-20-2019 11:54 AM

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Such cute puctures, thank you for posting them. Cassie loves to tunnel or hibernate...
I put pillowcases on her dog beds and she manages to crawl inside...
As a puppy she would crawl inside and behind things. One of her favorite places was getting inside the

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