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Pawpod 10-12-2019 10:25 PM

Paw Pals for our Beagle
We are looking for our first beagle (Yes we are prepared for the challenges). :hyper: Iím wondering if having another non-beagle pup as a companion will help or hinder. My husband gets his lab pup in the next two weeks. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Mollys Mom 10-13-2019 12:23 PM

It's always nice for a dog to have company, especially beagles because they are pack oriented. Just be prepared for a lot of work if you have two young dogs. Beagles tend to train a bit slower with house breaking. They are super smart but you have to keep at it. I have always had a multi-pet family.

Pawpod 10-13-2019 01:44 PM

Thank you for the info. Yes, we lived on a farm with a boarder collie, german shorthair, 8 horses and small house dogs. My husbands shorthair was an avid hunter with excellent training. Weather a horse or dog, our 4 legged humans have always been our priority, lived long wonderful lives and we were able to overcome each of their challenges. Except for one, the circle in the lawn from the shorthair, chasing the darn birds that taunted her.

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