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Originally Posted by Chris__M View Post
When I was planning for her arrival, I bought *two* crates. One a normal wire two door crate with a removable tray; the other a crate that was also a nice piece of furniture, made of wood (but with metal inside).

The idea was that her crate was going to be in the lounge, and I didn't really want a wire crate there; that's why I bought the furniture. The wire crate was going to be just for the car, and also (occasionally) when a friend looked after her for me.

That plan didn't survive past the first night. She took to the "furniture" crate, was happy to go in there of her own accord, explored it several times in the evening. She went outside to do her stuff, then went to bed, and I sat reading with her until she settled. No problems at all.

But overnight, it is clear that the new surroundings had scared her, as when I came down in the morning, she had both wet and messed the crate.

That was when I realised why a removable tray is such a good idea.

The only way to clean that wooden crate, without taking it apart, was first to clean it roughly with a a scoop and then a mop on a long stick; then by putting my head and shoulders inside to clean it thoroughly.

The second night we used the wire crate in the lounge, and she was happy with that as well. Over the week, I discovered she settled more if the crate was covered, and that is when I decided to move the crate to the kitchen - I had this space out there that had previously only housed a trolley with small appliances on it, but pretty much dead space. Her crate fitted fine, with room for food and other stuff up the side and a water bowl in front of that.

Here's a picture of her crate, taken with a monitor IR camera I have in the kitchen. Since the picture was taken, I now have a (secure) food bin for her feed alongside the crate.

She has free access to the crate whenever I am downstairs, and voluntarily will go there for a lie down sometimes. She also has a covered sofa in the lounge, which is where she normally keeps me company.

From the very start, her reaction has been to go to her crate whenever food is offered, so I feed her in her crate. Again, I thought associating the crate with good things is probably a good idea.

So at the moment, the "furniture" crate is sitting idle, a monument to my foolishness and indulgence. I did ponder at leaving it in the lounge as a place she could hang out, but she doesn't show any interest in it - she has *her* crate in the kitchen. So I am thinking of bringing it up to my home office, upstairs. At the moment, she lies on a plain dog-bed in the corner, but the office isn't big, she has a habit of moving her bed closer and closer to me, and I don't want to risk backing my chair over her.

As well as giving her a safe haven in my office, it will also give me another flat surface to put things, which is always useful. Things, of course, that Katie won't treat as toys; and almost certainly stored in secure plastic boxes.
AW! It's mostly trial and error. LOL! Sounds like you are doing a great job. whatever works, is the right thing.
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+1 for the Eye contact, and teaching the word "No"

I learn that beagles are very adaptable, and super curious dog. My 8 years old rehome beagle is in his 4th week with us, who initially exhibit aggression when we try to remove things from his mouth, and worse if it was junk food found on the floor, and he also barks at certain noises, like knocks on gates, horns etc..

For the aggression, we stayed with him during feeding, patting his back and slowly move to the head, and then near his mouth, and he is all cool now, but we still will not snatch anything off his mouth at the moment, except to use treats for trade with the hope he will drop whatever he is not suppose to be biting for the treats. Works most of the time.

As for the howling at toddlers, might be curiosity?. My experience with my beagle is that he likes small, cute little things, he once played with an escaped love bird with the bird pecking his nose. My beagle also comes "Bundled" with some of his old toys which is some serious looking macho ropes which he will not play with, but after getting him a stuff elephant for dogs, he plays with it the whole evening, and he gets into playful mode when he sees dogs even from far distance like a poodle or shih tzu. while he is nonchalant with others mostly medium/larger size dogs and cats..

Why not on a tight and secured leash, and a bunch of treats (Clicker helps), bring the dog closer to toddler's or behind the fence of a playground with toddlers? and work on the eye contact when he howls and say No!.. and when he stops. Click & Treat.. Who knows, may not even need click and treat as all that is needed is to clear the dogs curiosity.

Not sure about beagle puppies, but for adults, from what I learn from my 8 Years old. He only need a few rounds of click and treat and he'll get it, and things seems to start getting a lot easier as days past, and this I believe is due to time needed for a rehome dog to bond with his new friend?

Originally Posted by Natty Boh View Post

I taught eye contact, but holding a piece of kibble near my nose, just under my eye. As I hold the kibble there, I say, "Watch". The dogs' eye automatically goes to the food, which is so close to my eye that they are going to make contact. As soon as their eyes meet mine, "Good boy!" Treat. Next, Just my hand near my eye, no treat, watch. And lastly, just my hand, no word or treat. Before my dogs pounce on their bowls of food, I can say, "Wait!", put the bowls down, "Watch!" Eyes must remain on me, until I release to eat.

"NO!" is an extremely important word. A sound, like AT, also works. Teach those things. When you and Katie encounter a toddler, get her focus on you. Stand between her and the sight line to the child and tell her WATCH!. If she is howling/baying, NO! Be consistent and repeat, repeat, repeat. Just want to add - even though I put those commands in caps, I'm not yelling. LOL! Sometimes, it works better to whisper to a dog, especially, when they are very excited. If you are loud, they think you are just joining in. They have excellent hearing, so no need to be loud and you'll get the response you desire.
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The other day, I was walking Katie and met a woman walking her own dog with her young daughter, about 6 or 7, I would guess. We chatted for a while, and the girl asked if she could pet Katie. Unusually, Katie didn't howl, but was definitely timid, hiding behind me.

Making eye contact with the woman, I explained to the daughter that Katie was very shy of children, and perhaps she'd like to just talk to her while I held her lead.

Mum then took over, telling her daughter to go low and not approach Katie, but merely hold her hand out for her to sniff. She then nodded to me to let Katie approach if she wanted to.

Within 5 minutes we had a very happy beagle and little girl "new friend".

I'm not sure I would have done it myself, but the woman seemed very confident and happy to give it a go.
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Wonderful! That's great progress. Amazing what slow introductions can do. You let Katie stay comfortable
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