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Default personality quirks/funny habits

i know i'm not the only one with dogs who like to do funny things. i thought it might be fun if we talked about them. tall me yours, here are ours:

on really hot days, after bringing the dogs in from the yard, i'll give them some water, and then they always go straight to the register in the floor to lay on or near the cool air blowing out. there is a place where the duct touches the underside of the floor near the front door. it makes the floor cool in that spot. they like to lay there too. i turned the heat on this moring because it's cooled off here. they immediately went to lay by the warm air.

they also love to watch movies and youtube with me. often when the scary music comes on, just before the bad guy appears, they'll look back at me as if to say "oh no!!! here comes the bad guy!!!"

one of my previous dogs loved to eat yellow jackets. when one would get into the house she would follow it around relentlessly until she could eat it.
worked for me, because they scare the hell out of me. i'll face an army of other guys if need be, but one bee in the house, and i scream like a girl and run away. hahhahaha

tell me what your dogs do that is funny or quirky
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