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He was still drinking a lot all night and morning had huge pees so I took the day off (great when I have just started a new job) and brought in a urine sample (NOT getting peed on) and getting bloodwork done on him. Watch it's just him taking time to recover. I just worry. With all the losses we've had in the last 2 years I don't want to take chances. We've lost 1 dog and 2 cats. All had full vet care, and in the case of our dog Luc, it prolonged his life by quite a bit. But it's no guarantee. He had diarrhea again last night after his first normal bowel movement in the afternoon yesterday.

His urine is being sent for a full analysis and culture, it showed some white blood cells and bacteria but it was so dilute they couldn't draw any conclusions. I honestly don't think a UTI makes a lot of sense right after being so physically ill but what do I know.
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