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Thanks guys.

So Neb peed on the entryway rug last night while we were sleeping. He ate normally today, good appetite, Toby THOUGHT drank normally.

But I had an appointment at the vet to take the cats in for their annuals that I switched to Nebbers. Just as well because I got home and there'd been an accident on the rug in the bedroom. Both very dilute, very watery, but still.

Took him out and he peed a ton - and I got home at 5, Toby took him out at 11:30 so it's not like he was waiting the full day!

I have been increasingly concerned about his kidneys. So I took our handy-dandy pill collecting container with us to the vet and left a bit early to walk him once we got there. He hopped out of the car and started peeing on the hedge away from me so I couldn't see and grabbed the container and stuck my hand under there and got pee ALL over my hand. But - I did get urine!

Went in. They knew what was going on, but I went over everything with the vet. They thought he likely was having the accidents because he was so dehydrated from puking and diarrhea that he's been overconsuming water. They did to what I assume was a urine specific gravity test and found his urine was abnormally dilute - below general kidney failure levels - but while there could be kidney issues they think signs point to him being overhydrated. We're giving him wet food with water added, the idea being that if he gets more fluids with his food he'll drink less.

I hope it works. Trying not to worry.
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