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Default Well that is it

Camping is apparently dangerous, at least in 2019!

Neb ate from the fire pit on our May backpacking trip and puked in the tent the first night.

This weekend we were camped at a private forest in Ontario for Toby's 50 mile trail race. Neb is nosing around the campsite Friday evening but we didn't think much of it.

...until he puked in the tent at 2am. Keep in mind Toby is a light sleeper and had to wake up at 4am to run 50 miles starting at 6am! And Xerxes tried to eat it so Toby had to hold him back while I went to get some stuff to clean it up.

I told Toby I'd feed the dogs once I saw him through Aid Station 2 and the 12k mark (there is no Aid Station 1, long story). Neb puked bile at that aid station while we waited for Toby then we went back to our campsite (which was on course) and I decided not to feed Neb for that reason. Neb drank a bunch of water and projectile vomited it up.

I was like, great, maybe he's puking because he's hungry, that does happen. Or so I hear.

So I offer him a dental treat, as I thought it would be low calorie. Not interested. NEB NOT INTERESTED IN FOOD????? Unheard of!

I notice Neb is shivering and start to worry about pancreatitis. Did I mention he'd had explosive diarrhea that morning? Still, I think, he's too up and about compared to when he'd had it before. It moved faster when he had that.

Still, I am sufficiently concerned to bundle the dogs into the car and drive 30 minutes into town, calling our vet on the way, and pick up some children's gravol, force it down his throat, then return to go out to the 40k turnaround to cheer for Toby.

Neb is drooling and not in high spirits. Has a kind-of formed pooped. Toby comes in and says 'What's wrong with him?' and while I didn't want to say anything and worry him, I say, he's still puking.

Meet Toby at the next aid station. Neb pukes bile while we wait. We get looks. I get Toby's stuff ready and after he leaves we go back to Aid Station 2 (out and back course) and settle in for a long wait. Our campsite is like maybe 400m away but that's too far for Neb to walk. Give Neb some water while we wait which he projectile vomits. He is shivering and people are concerned and I'm trying not to freak out but am worried. Trying to leave Neb be as I think he likely wants peace and quiet. It is around 10C and starts to rain. I put on his and Xerxes's raincoats.

Toby comes in, has 12k to go, we go to the finish line. A huge, HUGE thunderstorm rolls in, so I put the dogs in the car and wait. Toby finishes, showers, we go back to the campsite. It is raining off and on and Neb doesn't want to come under the tarp. He'd much prefer to be miserable. We are worried.

Go to bed early, let Neb sleep on our air mattress and tuck him under the sleeping blanket.

I get up at 4:30 (we went to bed early), and walk down to Aid Station 2 as 100 milers are still on course. Hang out there, one of the volunteers assures me pancreatitis is slow moving which is what I'd thought.

Get back, let Neb out of the tent. He is bright and chipper! It was 'food' poisoning! I feed 1/2 breakfast which he eats with gusto. Keeps that and water down.

Pic of Neb this morning by the lake. We're thinking of getting a basket muzzle to put on him when we camp as this is TWICE this year!
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