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Default Xerxes the Runner

I will upload some photos but I don't think (?) video works so here's the video link to Xerxes running (and baying). He scared the living daylights out of the runner down the trail with his baying, it was pretty funny.

But I swear sometimes running with Xerxes is like dragging a tire. So much to smell! Nose on, ears off!

Ideally next year I will build Xerxes up to ultra distances. We just ran 13.25k today as my hip hurt (glute) and Xerxes just wasn't interested in drinking which concerned me. He's fine, never fear.

I picked this conservation area about an hour away from our place as it's got hills but isn't technical much which is great for running with a dog like Xerxes (he has a tendency to hare off which can throw you off balance).
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