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Default Herding Beagle!

Our breed is so multi-talented

Our youngest cat is Cordelia. She GREATLY enjoys darting out into the hallway when we come in with the dogs. We live at one end of the building, and she always ends up at the elevators and we have to go get her.

Except yesterday!

Just as Toby was resigned to going and getting her, Xerxes shot out from the apartment and ran down the hall to the elevators, round around Cordelia and chasing her back to the apartment (Toby thought he was going to chase her to the other end of the hall and he'd have to go get them both, but nope!). I should also note Xerxes is generally not a chaser of cats and in fact goes in awe of them.

Xerxes the Catdog...didn't you guys know beagles are a herding breed
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