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It's so true!

I'm bipolar or schizoaffective (somewhere on the spectrum of the two) and having animals, in particular dogs, helps so much. Cats you can kind of throw some food at and scoop a litter box. Dogs need to go out regularly, need socialization, need exercise, need training - cats are work, but dogs are more work (we have both). Dogs have helped me just like they've helped you. It's not all perfect - I tend heavily to depression, and so does Toby - but between the two of us we can do pretty good.

(Though, I vacuumed the apartment for the first time in ages Monday, but that's partially because the dogs attack the vacuum and bay at it if loose, and bay at it from the bedroom if confined. Either way, ugh! But my ears have stopped ringing lol)

I'm glad you shared your story. It's good for people to hear. Perrin is lucky to have you guys and you guys are lucky to have him.
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