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Talking Where Hiccup's name came from

I see a lot of you love his name. And even when we are out in the public ppl love it too. Its funny how his name came about. Long story short when i took my 9yr old son to go pick out the puppy from the litter. He chose the one with the broken tail and the scar foot. I told him he can pick whichever one he wanted and this was the one he wanted. So while we driving back home with little guy we was trying to figure out names. My son then said "mommy i got it, his name is Hiccup". I was really confused lol but i let him make the choice. A few days past and then i realized that my son named him after one of his favorite movies " How To Train Your Dragon" the main character in the story had a broken leg and his name was Hiccup, so that's where my son got Hiccup's name from and i just thought it was the cutest sweetest thing.
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