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Default AROO! Babies!

Xerxes has been having some issues not baying at the door the past few days. So he's been having time outs, 5 minutes, in the bedroom when he does bay.

Today I stuck him in, he bayed a few times in protest, so I had a two-pronged 'I will remember when 5 minutes is up/I'm not starting the timer when he's baying' thought process.

30 minutes later, I hear a scratch from the bedroom. Totally forgot about him. Whoops!

In other 'Xerxes baying' news, he likes kids. He met a baby today that was walking and even knew (it's mom was a ways off but supervising) to hold out its hand first. Xerxes sniffed it politely, and then you could see him literally go 'THE TINY HOOMAN IS EXTRA TINY! WHAT! MUST BAY!' Kid was completed nonplussed. Xerxes was immediately quiet, probably because he remembered he likes kids, and because I told him to be quiet. Apparently he just wanted to note the hooman was excessively short. I don't know what else would've caused that reaction, except that she was the smallest human he's ever met, and Xerxes's reaction to strange things is to bay.
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