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Default It's HOT!

I didn't want to wake up today. I was very snuggly.

I like to lay on the carpet. It is soft on my tummy.

I took the Boss for a walk in the morning and it was very fun! There were bunnies everywhere! I can't decide which one to chase so I chase them all!

We walked and walked for a very long time. I am just a little dog so my legs were hustling! I was very hot when we got home so I drank a lot of water and took a lil nap.

Then we went to the big dog store and Boss had girls cut my toes! It was very fun. They are nice and give me treats. I am going to a dog show on Sunday so I need to look my best!

We got home and it was very hot. My tongue was hanging out!

It was very exciting and made me sleepies so I took a nap with my ball. It is a very nice ball and I like to catch it when it bounces.

We went to the lake. There are a lot of new things to sniff there.

Then we came home. I was very tired from such a fun day! I hope we do more stuff tomorrow!

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