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Originally Posted by ljas View Post
Sophie is happy because she can eat veggies from the garden - she thinks that she is getting away with something. Keeping her out of the cats food is challenging - she can open doors - have even caught her trying to climb the cat tree to get to it. Doesn't help that one of the cats will push her food off (for Sophie to eat) if it is not up to exalted feline standards (of course, then the cat goes hungry, but she seems to think that it is worth the gesture). Never ends!!! My youngest's latest rescue will defend her food - and even though the cat is tiny, her growl sends Sophie running. Now if only the other two would learn from her . . .
Oh boy Sophie! When my cat was alive I kept his food on top of the dryer in the basement. My husband built a little thing out of wood to block his litter box so Autumn couldn't get into that
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