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Im sorry to be blunt but its best since you're at the start....
Very young puppies need to go out frequently around 1-2 hrs at your puppie's age...around the clock for at least 2 months. Take your dog out on a leash to where you want your puppy to learn to go. Puppy pads around the house only teaches your dog to pee and poop around the house...pads delay the learning process and beagles tend to be a little slower in that department. If you work all day your dog is going to sit in its mess and no other training is happening.
If you have a young child be very carefull....biting starts soon and lasts for several months. Read how to correct that. Its not aggression but a child can get hurt if you're not aware. Dont let your child play rough house with the puppy since puppies get excited and bite more.

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