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Default Playpen design flaw- IMPORTANT

We have a 15 week old Beagle and like other new owners we bought all the extras to make things enjoyable for all around. In truth- he is spoiled beyond belief but we just can’t resist. However- we have discovered a problem with the portable playpen we bought. Pet Smart sells a 36 inch split door wire pen under their brand name Top Paw. Once the puppy is in you lift the door and it is closed by setting it over 4 hooks that sit along the right side of the door from top to bottom. Yesterday our little man jumped into the pen at just the right angle and snagged his collar on the second hook high enough to hold him off the ground. Essentially, had I not seen it or reacted quickly he would have asphyxiated as he was choking. Absolutely horrible! To make matters worse- the hooks are rod iron and curved at the top but open on the bottom so his collar got twisted in the hook making it impossible to free him. Thank goodness I was able to hold him up and keep him calm while we cut the collar. We immediately replaced this version. I am simply shocked that the store has no warnings nor does the product that this scenario is even possible. We are grateful that Snoopy seems to be fine and is here to be examined by his vet to confirm this but I am frustrated that the store has no follow up procedures to let us know that this has been looked into now that we have reported it. If anyone has any ideas on how we can prevent this from happening to another pet owner besides the advise we were given to remove his collar while he is in the house we would appreciate any input. PLEASE avoid purchasing this product for your pets!!!
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