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Default Arya's first 2 weeks with us

OH MY GOD - this whole experience reminds me of when it was like to bring my son home for the first time after he was born - you read few books, you think you know it all (or most of it) but then the REALITY hits you and BOOM - you don't sleep for 2 weeks, you wipe the floors few times a day because of dog wee, you play with her (half asleep most of the times ), take her for toilet breaks and walks (we don't have a fence in our garden yet, so all the toilet breaks do happen on the leash, which is normal, I guess, but it means we have to wait for her in the garden to finish chewing, laying in the sun or just in general, finish) so this is I know not the first time you've heard and you have all been through it all - I AM EXHAUSTED!

We are still learning what it's like to be together and live together. At the same time this whole experience is teaching my son (who will be 10 on June 6th) a whole new responsibility. Of course, he loves to play with Arya, but the more mandane tasks, like taking her outside, sometimes end up with him cleaning the floors, cause she did a wee inside. But he is getting better at watching the time and recognising her behaviours (we all do!)

She is definitely getting bigger and gaining more strength - yesterday we took her for a walk and play and ended up 1,5hrs with her, running, throwing sticks for her to catch and all sorts - she can definitely walk for a longer period of time, rather than stop and sniff everywhere and you feel like a "dummy" for standing in one place for 10 minutes or so!! :-)
She usually gets 3 decent walks, including 2 for about 30 minutes or so, if we can squeeze a 1 longer one that's great. Obviously we don't WALK her for 30 mins, she is still very curious and stopping, sniffing, chewing tree roots and started to be interested in DOG POOPS!!!???? We do pull her away any time we see her try to get one. Eeeeeeeewwwwww.

We are starting a puppy course on Saturday, which we struggled to find, because of our lack of advanced Dutch (or proper beginner's Dutch, but we're learning).
But we also DO RECOMMEND WHOLEHEARTEDLY Zac George's videos on You Tube - Arya is awesome and sits and waits now before we give her a treat.

We've ordered one of those bike trailers for dogs so can't wait to start using it during our family bike rides.
I've noticed, after those 2 weeks, change of scenery is so important - to both our puppy and us. I started to feel claustrophobic, even though there is so much outdoor at the moment

Anyway, I think this thread is tad too long :-) :-)
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