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Default In Memory Of Max The Chihuahua 2005-2010

I'm sorry I'm not posting about a beagle, but he was such a good dog I wanted to tell you the story.

Just before Kindergarten we went and rescued him- I walked into the house and behold a huge dog locked up in a tiny cage. A cat trying to get out of yet again another cage (tiny) and then I heard that high, quiet bark. I whirled around and an odd looking animal popped in and out of a doorway, barking. I stared at him. Image a Chihuahua in your head, all white. Then put black on the top of his head, around his eyes, and on his ears. Put a white arrowhead in between his ears. Imagine spots like a cow, smaller, but still large, all over his body. With the most gorgeous brownish-black eyes you could see. That was Max alright. I immidiately knew that was MY DOG. I was going to save him from that horrible situation. And i did, too.

Let's skip to about four years later, when he was five, only about 4-5 months until he was six...

I was outside, walking my new beagle pup (Trigger, of course!) with pride. It was late december of 2010. (To be exact, Dec. 20th, 2010 around 3:00pm ET) and the neighbors let their pitbulls out. They barked and growled as Trigger did his business. There was a small puppy, Koko, a black and white one. And there was a huge monster, La-la, a brown and white. So I turn around to walk into a house, and hear a yelp. Having Max for almost five years, I knew that was his. I whirl around and see THE NEIGHBORS PITBULL in my YARD, and MAX'S THROAT(and all the rest of him dangling) WAS IN IT'S MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! I stare. Trigger howled at it (Obviously knowing exactly what was going on) I watched as he kicked for a moment, then went limp. I knew that he was- I tried no to die of a broken heart, heart attack actually, in sobs- dead. I then screamed. I was still frozen. As loud as a nine year old could I tell you. "Mom! The neighbors pitbull has Max!!!!" I screamed and screamed and screamed. Mom finally came out and saw it. "Oh my God!" exact quote, straight from the mom who told me to NEVER use that term. She runs to the neighbors and rings their doorbell. "You're dog has Max, my dog!!!" She screamed in their face. The neighbor's face turned from happy and cheery to rude and evil. He calmly walked to the fence. "Lala, put that mutt down. Put him down." I ran in the house, madder then a hornet. Lala didn't listen. I told my grandpa and he turned white as a sheet. I ran to his window and looked out: I saw a bloody Max, and a murderous pit. I saw the neighbor beating the fence. "GET YOUR **** DOG OUT OF MY YARD!" Mom screamed. Wow, she actually cussed. This was baaaad. Finally animal control arrives (Grandpa called frantically) and seized the pitbull, tells us Max isn't alive anymore, they take a garbage bag(OK, HE WAS NOT GARBAGE!) and put him in it and take him away.

On christmas eve the pit was euthanized.

Even to this day- in december a year later, about 7 months later currently, I still burst into tears occasionaly. The one dog I never forget. Later I found out that the neighbors intentionally had the pit bull do that, and it was aimed towards it killing ME. But Max sensed it and ran down- my brave little boy- and offered the only thing he had to distract it before it got hold of me and Trigger... his life.

RIP my precious baby... gone but not forgotten.
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