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Unhappy Our puppy Duncan has died.

Our 3 1/2 month old beagle got suddenly very sick tonight. We called our regular vet across the river, but they were not available because of the holiday weekend. We called their emergency contact (in St Igance) and they told us to get our puppy to a vet on our side ASAP.

We called the emergency line for the Sault Ste Marie, ON vets and were told a vet would call us right away to assess the situation. About 4-5 minutes later a vet did phone, as soon as he heard we took our puppy to the USA side vet he said no one was available tonight and hung up on us refusing to help.

Our puppy died 3 hours later.

I thought vets were supposed to love animals and want to help them? I have never been so disgusted by a person's behaviour in my life. He refused to treat our puppy because we used an American vet? Why does it matter? He died tonight and he was just a baby, when something could have been done to save him.

He was so little and full of energy, and it's just killing me that he had to die. Especially in so much pain. We're both traumatized by this, and don't know what to do for our adult female beagle right now. We've gotten her some antianxiety drops to help keep her calm. She keeps smelling his trails and trying to find him, my poor girl.
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