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Default Annie

She wasn't a Beagle and I didn't have her long, but she was still my dog. I don't even know if she's at the Rainbow Bridge yet, but I feel like I need to tell you about her.

In May of 2000, a small black puppy was wandering around the neighborhood. Our next-door neighbors took her in and let us (me and my brother and sister) play with her. She was very shy, looking like a cross between a Lab and a pit bull. Our neighbors guessed that she was dumped. They kept her no more than one night because she cried all night in their garage; they couldn't put her in the backyard with their huge Dobie becuase he wasn't very friendly with puppies. Unless we wanted her, they were taking her to the pound. Desperate to save the dog, all three of us begged our mom to take her in. She was uneasy; she'd prefer to wait until our dad got home, but by then it would be too late,. After seeing that she got along with our other two dogs, we put her in the backyard with a prayer.

When our dad got home he wasn't sure what to think; he was reluctant, but agreed to let her stay; for a 6-month trial period. (he was wary about her Pit blood) If she showed any aggression at all, out she went.

To make a long story short, we kept her and named her Annie. The poor dog was high-strung and VERY nervous from her rough early life, but we loved on her. She made very slow progress. One habit we were unable to break was her tendancy to jump; any fence, high or low. She wasn't much of a barker, but we were terrified she'd run away and get hurt. She did escape a few times, but came right home in less than a minute.

She was mostly my dog; I fed her, trained her, and showered attention on her. I also babied her and protected her from Dad's misgivings. He said I was too easy on her with the training, but I thought he was too rough. He never hurt her, but she always cowered around him; she never really liked males. When she was spayed I stayed up with her all night, when she yelped I ran to check on her.

Last August, after a terrible time finding a place to live, we had to get rid of her and the other two dogs. After giving our little one away the no-kill shelters couldn't take in any more large dogs; the only other option was the pound. I wanted nothing more than to take her leash back and run when the Animal Control truck arrived, but I couldn't. Whne the three-day limit on reclaiming animals expired, and when we signed the contract for the tiny apartment, I felt as if her death sentence had been issued.

I still don't know what happened to her. I only pray she found a good home. If she didn't...she certianly has company at the Rainbow Bridge, and it looks like the best company any dog could get.

I'm still crying as I type this, and I hope you'll forgive me for intruding here. I just wanted to tell Annie's story, since she can't.

Annie- Pit bull/Black Lab/Chow/Dalmation mix (?)
2000-2006 (?)
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