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A place where new members and old can say hello and tell us about themselves and their beagles. Don't be shy...
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Beagle Discussion

Here is the place where people who are owned by beagles can discuss their favorite topic... Their Beagles!
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Monty's Blog

Read about the adventures of Monty
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Health and Welfare

This area is for health and welfare information related to products for your fur kids related to foods, toys, and other related health and fitness topics.
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Rainbow Bridge Memorials

A place to remember those beagles who are waiting across the Rainbow bridge.
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Adoptions, Rescues, Fostering, Lost & Found

For issues concerning all of the above including notices and links to beagles that are available for adoption.
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My Dog Flash by Kent Vaughan

Original beagle cartoons by Kent Vaughan featuring his dog... Flash.
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Large Photo Format

This area and ONLY this area are for photos beyond the 450-pixel width rule. You may post in this section ONLY Large format photos UP TO 1024x768 Pixels. Any photo larger then 1024x768 pixels will be deleted. If you have a slow Internet connection be aware that you may experience slow download speeds and severe lag while viewing threads in this forum.
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Photo Gallery

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For Sale/Wanted

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Vendor Deals

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Information & Help Center

BW Announcements and Rules

This forum is for ALL Members to review the current rules, announcements, and terms of service governing this site. From time to time we will also post changes and additions to rules and the terms of service agreement. If you have any questions or need us to clear up anything relating to the subject at hand please post it in this area.
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Suggestions and Feedback

Post Suggestions and Feedback about Ourbeagleworld.com here.
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Ourbeagleworld.com Tech Support

Need help with something like posting photos, using the web site, or message board? Post your questions here and we will give the best help we can.
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Off Topic

Two-Legger Talk

For discussions and issues OTHER THAN beagle related. Sorry, no dogs allowed! If you need help with the message board features or related computer and internet issues you may post in this section as well. Please remember to check out the "How To" forum to get instructions on various features of the message board. Remember...Don't get too carried away.
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Fur, Fins & Feathers

A place to post about other pets and animals
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Prayers & Positive Thoughts

Need Support? You've came to the right place...post here.
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  1. Beagle Discussion
    Buddy enjoying the fresh snow at the dog park.
  2. Beagle Discussion
    so i took her to the vet last night, and they told me she needs this surgery. i've been calling around, and i'm getting a ball park window of $4,000 - $6,000. i don't have that kind of money. i mean, if i don't eat or use any utilities at all for the next 2 weeks, i might be able to come up...
  3. I can just about handle the chewing and the not listening to me.. ever. I accept that when she is off the lead it is going to be a herculean task to get her back (having tried treats, sausage, chicken, belly rubs etc. to no avail) and that she wants to see what I am cooking and constantly has...
  4. Beagle Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a good harness for my beagle puppy? Leash training is not really happening since he is so young and is still learning sit and stay. Meanwhile, I need to keep this little guy safe. The sniffing and running and exploring is great, but he often wants to go into areas I can‘t...
  5. Hi, everyone. So, our little guy, Todd, was rescued from a highway by my daughter. He was running around as an 8-week-old puppy with leash attached. We put out word on two or three lost dog sites and put out signs in our neighborhood and the nearby apartment and searched for the owner for a...
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