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Default RIP Jersey

It's been 4 weeks since I lost my best friend Jersey. She was only 2 years old. She was the happiest beagle and had so much energy. I took her everywhere with me and she kept me company and made me feel safe as my husband works away 5 nights a week.

So I arrived home from work at approx. 7.30pm on Wednesday, 16th January and within 5 minutes I realised Jersey was not herself. I called the vet that was on call and told her there was something wrong with my dog. I asked the vet to meet me at the clinic as I was very worried. Jersey was lethargic, had a loss of appetite (this was the first time she had every turned down food, so I knew there was something wrong) and breathing heavy. The vet checked Jersey over and (mentioned her gums were light pink) and said she didnít know what was wrong, she thought Jersey seemed fine and so she couldnít help me. I asked if sheís sure she doesnít think Jersey is breathing abnormally and she said it seemed fairly normal. The vet asked me if there was a possibility Jersey had eaten rat bait and I said yes. I told her we stayed at my in-laws 3 days prior and although no one witnessed it there was definitely a possibility she had eaten it. I left the vet with no answers.

Around half an hour after leaving the clinic I received a call from the vet and said if sheís still breathing funny to bring her back to the clinic in the morning. I had no idea of the effects of rat bait poisoning and asked the vet if it in fact it was rat poisoning is it fast acting and is she likely to make it until the morning. The vet still couldnít give me any answers.

I monitored Jersey for most of the night and found she was acting extremely out of the ordinary. At 5am the following morning I woke up and found Jersey laying on the floor just staring in to space. Her gums had turned white, she was breathing heavier and she fell straight over when trying to walk. I immediately called the vet and rushed her straight in to the clinic.
The vet gave injected her with vitamin k and said she needed a blood transfusion because she must have rat bait poisoning. They donít keep blood on hand so they had to call one of their vets who lived 45 minutes away to bring her dog in to get blood from. Well within that 45 minutes Jersey had died. I went outside the clinic to get some fresh air because I was so worried. I really thought she was at the vet in the best hands. I walked back into the clinic and the vet was pumping her stomach, I couldnít handle it I ran straight back outside. Lucky my mum was with me, I had called her when I was on my way to the vets, Iím not very good at handling things like this on my own. Well the vet came outside and told me Jersey was gone.

It was such a traumatic experience, I was on the phone to my husband telling him I didnít know if Jersey was going to make it, when the vet came out and gave me the news. I immediately screamed and was crying hysterically. My poor husband was 1000km away and it broke his heart that he couldnít be there for me.

He had already been up for 24 hours because of his job and he wasn't supposed to come home until the following day but he was so upset he started driving home right away (11 hours away). He hadn't had any sleep and he cried the whole way home. Every time i spoke to him on the phone he was crying because all he kept hearing was my screams. It made me cry even more hearing him cry and it just made him cry even more. It was devastating and heart breaking.

When he eventually got home he went to the vets to pick up Jersey so we could take her home and bury her. I couldn't go with him I just couldn't bear to see her wrapped up in a plastic bag and frozen. It's still so hard to talk about. I waited at home for my husband and he was a mess. He said that he couldn't even say her name when he went to the vets because he was so upset. He put her on the seat next to him as he drove home with her he ripped the bag open so he could see her and say goodbye. He patted her and spoke to her the whole way home and told her how much we loved and missed her. We then said our final goodbye together and we're going to plant a tree for her so we can visit her.

I understand that the vet could not have prevented Jersey from eating the rat bait but I feel that the she could have done more to save her and I believe as a professional she should have recognised the symptoms. Jersey wasnít even given a blood test. I feel that the vet should not have taken the risk when I told her it was a definite possibility that Jersey had eaten the poison.

We canít change whatís happened but I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful 2 years with my gorgeous beagle; I feel so lost without her and every day i think about her and wish she was still here. I will never ever forget her she was one of a kind and had such a beautiful personality. She touched so many people in her two short years; she will be missed by so many.

I emailed Jerseyís breeder and told her the sad news and she called me straight away to give her condolences. I asked if she had any puppies or litters on the way but because they do a lot of showing they werenít going to have a little for another 6 months. Well half an hour after I got off the phone to her I received an email from her. She said she had told her husband what happened to Jersey and he immediately went outside and put their boy and girl together. A few days later they done the deed and itís now been 4 weeks and Iím eagerly waiting to hear if sheís pregnant!

The litter will have Jerseyís bloodline so Iím really hoping sheís pregnant. Jersey was our first beagle, I did a lot of research on finding a good breeder and we had her fly 3 flights over 800km to get to us. We were hoping to have a litter and keep a puppy but unfortunately that didnít happen. We canít see a future without a beagle in our lives now and every day is a day closer to getting another baby girl back in our arms.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sad story. I am presuming you do not live in the U.S. as you stated the air flight in km's. If that is the case you may look into your country's or local animal organization for information on Poison Control for help.

In the U.S., one can contact the for help or call 888-426-4435 24 hours a day.
This is a good example for all of us to be prepared.

I hope you find happiness in your next baby Beag.
Sending you Hugs
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Thanks for your reply. It was such a traumatic experience, I never thought I could lose my little girl. I grew up with never losing an animal to a sickness or injury, we have only ever put our animals down from old age like severe arthritis and things like that so this was a real shock for me. Jersey got in to the rat bait poison at my in-laws place. We didn't even know she had eaten it. I have never dealt with rat bait poison before and therefore didn't know anything about it. I definitely didn't know it was fatal and since Jersey's death i have researched a lot about it and have made awareness to all my friends, family and colleagues as I'd hate someone else to go through it.

You are correct I live in Australia, I came across this page and wanted to share my story. There aren't many beagles where I live so I don't often get to talk to people who share my love for them.

I'm hoping any day now the breeder notifies me that their girl is pregnant, it's been four weeks do you think she would have a belly on her by now?

You fill my heart with love, and my entire world with happiness.
I married my best friend on the 10th of November 2012
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Love your beautiful wedding pictures. I don't know about your dog pregnancy question. I hope you continue to read the posts while you wait for your puppy-keep us posted about your new pup.

Before we got our dog we had periodic extermination for ants, spiders, and other buggies in our yard. We stopped having the spraying and I noticed quite a difference in the population. Your situation makes it clear why not to do it.

When Cassie was about 5 months she ate a bee and went into shock and we raced to the vet-that has been one of our biggest issues. In fact today, I saw her staring at one on our patio but she didn't touch it as if she knew what happened before. I ran outside and mashed it with my shoe!
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I am so sorry for your loss.
I hope you get another puppy from the coming litter too
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I am so very sorry for your loss and for the anguish you had to go through. It is odd that the vet didn't recognize the signs unless all the typical signs were not there.

Jersey was a very pretty girl.
Cheryl, the mommy to Molly, Vazzle and Oliver. HUG YOUR HOUNDS!
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful and sweet Jersey. You may want to contact the office manager/owner at that practice, or your local vet association and tell them your story.

If the breeders dog is not pregnant, you might want to contact one of the beagle rescues in Australia:

Beagle Rescue, NSW - Home Page

You may save a life - and it would be a loving tribute to your Jersey.
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Default RIP Jersey

Oh my goodness,that's so sad. It brings me to tears to think about the day my beagle will not be with us (he is only 9mths old!) I can't imagine what you are going through. I hope you get some good news about the puppy. Keep us posted. Sending hugs xx

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I'm sorry for your loss, she was for sure a beautiful girl, and I can feel how hurt you are. (sitting here crying while reading)
Hope a puppy girl will be joining your family soon, and give you something to smile about.
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Sorry too hear of the loss of your best friend. My thoughts and wishes are with you.
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