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Default My 3yrs Beagle Sezie, Has Lesion On Brain. HELP!

This is my first post so I will give you a bit of history on my pup but please read the hole thing.

For awhile I always wanted a beagle. My dad did not want one at all. He said there stupid and bark all the time. I heard they howled alot and weren't bright but I feel in love with the breed. When I was 13 my best friends' aunt and uncle had gotten a beagle for there daughters. They lived in an apartment and basically this little puppy had to sit in a crate that was to small for him all day. He only came out when I came over to play with him. They fed him table scraps and when ever he barked or howled the uncle would beat him. My friend told me he used to pick up the crate and throw it against the wall. After a while they told me I could have the dog for free. I talked to my mom alot but she said my dad wouldn't agree. So in a week time I got a job walking 2 dogs from the neighborhood and was earning money. I told my mom Id feed the dogs, and pick up there messes in the back yard and pay for Snickers(the pup) vet bills. My dad agreed and the dog was mine. After 2 weeks of us having him he was yelpin in pain and I thought it was because the uncle used to beat him. I took him to the vet with the 200 dollars I had managed to save up and it turns out he has the largest hook worm infestation my vet had ever seen. Now Snickers is 3 and Im 15. Ive been through hell with this dog. Ive kinda lost all my friends. Ive moved around three times and before my sophomore year so this year Ive been to 3 different schools. When all my friends left me, Snickers didnt. Ive shared this unbreakable bond with him. Im not lying but before I had him I never new what love felt like. My family isnt very out there with feelings so Id never heard I love yous before or had them expressed. But with him he waits at the door at 3 because he knows I get home from school then. He sleeps next to me at night under the covers because the floor wont do for my baby.

This morning I got up to use the bathroom and he was laying next to me. I came back and he wanted to come under the covers so I lifted them up and he came under and we went back to bed. Around 10 I feel my legs getting wet and I sit up and Snickers is shaking his back legs were splayed out and his front ones stiff. He also peed himself. I didnt know what was going on. Then I was like no no no he is having a seizure. So I ran up the stairs and started screaming help me. My sister came down the stairs with me and said lets go to the vet. His seizure lasted 3 to 4 minutes. Which my vet tells me is a long time and he should be dead. I didnt know beagles are prone to seizures? Has anyone heard this? The vet said he probably has been having them for awhile while were sleeping but theyve been so subtle nobody has noticed. He said Snickers has to get an MRI done so they can see whats going on in his brain. He said most likely he has a lesion on his brain. He put him on pills 2 times a day and he told me that if I forget to give my dog the pills I can kill my dog. Im really scared. He goes back in a month and then after that he HAS to go in every 6months. Has anyone had this before with there pup? A family friend is going through the same thing with there beagle at same age and everything. Her beagle has been on the same pills for awhile now and his liver is failing. Which is a side effect and they have to put him down now. What are the chances of this happening with Snickers? Should I go to another vet and get a second opinion? Has anyone had this happen with there beagle? What was the outcome? Is there anything special I can give him to make him strong? Im so scared about this whole thing.

Remember I am 15. This dog is my responsibly and I will do anything for him. Please help or pray.

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Hi! Sophie was a badly abused pup when we adopted her. One day, she had a seizure that lasted ten minutes (also called status epilepticus). We took her to the animal hospital, where they did bllod work and an exam, and decided that being kicked in the head by her previous owners probably caused the seizures. They had me keep a diary to see if we could figure out what triggered the seizures. She is not on medication.

If it were my dog, I would get a second opinion. I would not stop giving her the medication without a vet guiding you in tapering off dosage - that would be very dangerous for your dog. Please let us know how you and your dog are doing. We are here for you, and we care.
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