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Default Pepto Bismol

When you give your dogs Pepto Bismol (or the equivalent) for upset tummies how much do you give them and for how long?

I've never given my dogs any medications meant for humans but I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the amount the vets charge for something as simple as diarrhea medication or kennel cough medicine (which is only Benylin cough mixture) etc.

I'm thinking that as long as the symptoms aren't hiding anything more serious that we should be able to self administer over the counter preparations for mild problems.

We don't rush our kids off to hospital everytime they get an upset tummy so why is it that I always feel pressured to rush my dogs to the vet and get charged an arm and a leg for a remedy I could have done myself.

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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

I have not had to do this so cannot comment. However, I am upset with how much my vet requires me to by, when it is a maybe that they will need it.

Ex - when he got neutered, they gave me pain meds but said he will probably not need it, was just in case he did overnight or the next couple of days. They sold me a bottle with like 30+ doses! When will I ever use this?????????
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

I used the children's dosing when giving Maggie Pepto-Bismol and I strongly recommend using a syringe. The first time I attempted to give it to her I used a spoon and ended up with pink stuff all over!
Considering Maggie is on 10 different daily meds, I am very, very thankful that my vet is willing to help me save money on them in whatever way I can. Here in the U.S. I can get two of her meds for $4.00 at Target and I just got her anti-fungal med from up north. I order others on-line. My vet will give me prescriptions whenever I need them and will give me as few or as many doses as I want.
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

I found this on my beagle group - hope it's helpful.
Household Medications for Your Pet

Many of the household medications we keep on hand for ourselves can also be used for pets, if used properly, while many other medications should never be used in pets. Likewise, certain symptoms are commonly treated with home remedies while other symptoms should never be treated without first consulting your veterinarian.

Generally, if symptoms listed below are mild, and the pet is not acting sick, home treatment may include:


1.Identify the cause if possible and eliminate it such as overeating, acquiring fatty foods, stress, or change in diet.

2. Feed a bland diet such as boiled ground beef with the fat poured off with the water mixed half-and-half with cooked rice. This is not a balanced diet for a dog or cat over a long time but is binding and easy to digest.

3.Kaopectate®—Dose 1 teaspoonful per 10 pounds of body weight repeated every 8-12 hours as needed.

4.Peptobismol®—Dose DOGS ONLY, 1 teaspoonful orally per 10 pounds of body weight repeated every 8-12 hours as needed.

5. No not limit water unless the pet is vomiting.

Constipation: If the stools are simply too firm, the following may be used to soften them. If, however, the stools are very firm or the animal has not had a bowel movement in 2-3 days, the animal should be examined by a veterinarian.

1.Bran may be added to the food to loosen stool.

2.Milk of Magnesia—Dose: Small Dog-1 teaspoonful; Large Dog-1 tablespoonful every 12 hours

3.Enemas designed for humans should not be used in animals unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

4.Severely constipated animals may require an enema by the veterinarian only.


1.Remove the source if known such as overeating, fatty foods, eating grass, or a change in the diet.

2. Remove food and water for several hours until the vomiting has ceased.

3.Pepto-Bismol®—Dose DOGS ONLY, 1 teaspoonful orally per 10 pounds of body weight repeated every 8-12 hours as needed.

4.After the vomiting has subsided, restart liquids by giving very small amounts of water frequently or letting the animal lick on an ice cube.

5.If no vomiting occurs with the small amount of water, give hamburger and rice mixture as prepared above feeding small amounts frequently.

Coughing: A cough may be an indication of a very serious problem and should not be treated at home if the cause is not known.

1. Honey or clear sugar candy may be soothing to a dog with a sore throat that is characterized as a tender or painful cough.

2.Cough Syrups should NOT be used unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

Sneezing:Occasional sneezing is normal and not of concern. Persistent sneezing beyond a reasonable period of time may be significant and should be evaluated by your veterinarian.

Pain: Pain should not be treated at home without the input of your veterinarian. Although some common household painkillers are safe in people, they can be very toxic to animals. Give painkillers only as prescribed by a veterinarian.

1. Aspirin—dose only as prescribed by your veterinarian. Do NOT use in cats!

2.NEVER USE Acetaminophen or ibuprofen!

Inducing Vomiting: Certain situations may occur that might result in further more severe symptoms unless vomiting occurs. Examples of this would include ingesting a large amount of chocolate or eating a foreign object such as a battery. A consultation with your veterinarian should be initiated immediately. Many times it is more effective to induce the vomiting at home rather than taking the time to drive to a veterinarian’s office.

1.Hydrogen Peroxide—Dose 1 teaspoonful for each 10 pounds of body weight. If no vomiting occurs within 15-20 minutes, repeat dose.

2.Syrup of Ipecac should NOT be used in dogs or cats.

Ear Infections: In order to accurately diagnose the cause of an ear infection, the pet needs to be examined by a veterinarian. Some infections start up very rapidly and cause much discomfort.

1.A few drops of warm olive oil applied to an infected ear have a soothing effect. Further medication from your veterinarian would still be needed.

2.Hydrogen peroxide or water should NOT be used in infected ears unless directed by a veterinarian.

Eye Infections: With any conditions of the eyes, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

1. Sterile eyewash may be applied to nearly all eye problems and may help remove infected debris by gently wiping the eye with warm water and cotton.

Moist Dermatitis or “Hot Spots”: This condition frequently requires both systemic and topical medication. Because they may develop with a matter of a few hours, initiating home treatment may help give the pet some initial relief.

1.Tannic acid from a tea bag may be applied directly to the affected skin.

Puncture or Infected Wounds: a veterinarian should evaluate every wound. Puncture wounds frequently caused more problems later on such as abscess formation or a systemic infection.

1. Hydrogen peroxide is helpful on infected wounds but be aware that it may sting the animal if the wound is open very much. The bubbling action of the peroxide helps clean the area and the oxygen helps to kill anaerobic bacteria.

2.Warm water compresses are useful for puncture wounds to discourage the formation of a scab that might seal the infection under the skin, and it increases the blood flow to the wound site helping the body fight off the infection.

Hives or Acute Allergic Reactions: Hives may occur for many different reasons and the cause is usually not known. Unless the reaction starts to dissipate quickly, a veterinarian should examine the animal.

1. Benadryl®—If approved by your veterinarian—Dogs and cats less than 30 pounds, 10mg. Dogs 30-50 pounds of body weight 25mg, Dogs greater than 50 pounds, 50mg. Benadryl helps itching by making the animal sleepy.

Burns: a veterinarian should always evaluate Burns as soon as possible. Initiating rapid first aid at home may be crucial in minimizing the damage.

1. Ice—Apply ice directly to the area of the burn and continue to slide it around the affected area until the affected area is numbed.

Insect Bites:

1.Baking soda and water paste applied directly to the area of the bite

2.Be sure any stinger has been removed if possible.

Include in your pet first aid kit (or kitchen)

Kaopectate®—1 tsp. per 10# every 8-12 hours

Pepto-Bismol®—1 tsp. per 10# every 1-12 hours (Not in cats)

Honey or clear sugar candy

Hydrogen Peroxide—1 teaspoonful per 10#, repeat in 20 minutes if no vomiting

Olive Oil

Tea Bag

Benadryl®—10mg for dogs and cats less than 30#, 25mg for dogs 30-50#, 50mg for dogs over 50#.


Sterile eye wash


Baking Soda


Milk of Magnesia


The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats.
I have used both Pepto Bismol and Kaopectate in the past for "poops" - but now usually just give them a couple of tablespoons of canned pumpkin, which seems to work well. Don't use the "pumpkin pie mix", but just plain canned pumpkin.

I also keep "doggie aspirin" around - once in a while one of the "kids" will limp for a bit - if it doesn't appear to be "serious", I'll try doggie aspirin (you can use baby aspirin, but hard to figure dosage on it)- usually they're fine the next morning - if not, then it's a trip to the vet. IF they're limping badly, then they go to the vet right away. For short term use, I prefer it to the stronger anti-inflammatory prescribed for the vet.

My vet has occasionally recommended Robitussin for coughing - (when Romeo was neutered, he had some irritation from the tube they put down his throat) but I wouldn't give it without instructions from vet.

Benadryl is often recommended by my vet to "calm" them - like for fireworks! I got tranquillizers last year, because with ten beagles, it takes TOO many benadryl to work.

There's a new product out for sterlizing "wounds" - which seems to work VERY well for cleaning wounds. You have to get it from your vet. It's called 2CARE-TECHSOLUSCRUB -my Lottie was "hurt" a few weeks ago, she allowed us to clean her "wounds" a few times a day without fussing. My vet says he has used it on himself and it doesn't sting or burn.

Hope some of this is helpful to you!
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

That looks awsome, very hepful. Maybe Jamie can place it as an important informative post.... so it would be easier to find in case of need.

I didn't get a chance to even need it (thank god) but who knows...Thanks for sharing.
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

I've used Pepto Bismol for dogs over the years. Using a syringe can get messy, so I like the tablets. When giving it to Li'l Girl, I give one tablet. It does help, and none of my dogs ever had and ill effects from it.

I also use generic benedryl. Traveler has an itching problem, so he gets 1 tablet in his breakfast, and 1 tablet with supper. I do think it helps, and it hasn't done him any harm.

The other thing I use from time to time is dramamine for car sickness. Li'l Girl gets nervous and drools excessively when riding, so I give her one tablet about an hour before she has to ride in the car.
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

WOW thanks for all the info, much appreciated.

Now I know what I can and can't give my babies and how much :thumbup:
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

When Lucky was little, I used baby tylenol to help him get over his kennel cough. Actually when he was a puppy and had parvo then kennel cough then worms, everything I used was over the counter human medicine. Well, I did use a little clavamox from the vet for the worms. He got a bee sting once and I gave him half a benedryl tablet and he threw it up. I'll never give him that again.
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

That was really good. I think I'm going to print it out and put it in my dog first aid kit. I've given the girls pepto before, benidryl too. In fact 2 years ago when we helped friends move to Wyoming, Kip and I shared a bottle of pepto tabs.

Thanks for the post.
Kathy & Murphy
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Default Re: Pepto Bismol

Tylenol is NOT recommended for dogs - or cats. It can be poisonous to them. I do keep "doggie aspirin" around - tho baby aspirin can be used but the doggie aspirin is "easier" to dose.

Just curious - why did the vet give clavamox for worms? It's an antibiotic. Chloe is on it now for pneumonia - and my vet gives it for any surgery or any kind of infection. Will have to ask Dr. Randy about that. I can see using Clavamox for parvo or kennel cough, but worms?? Interesting.
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