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Arrow embarrassing habits?

Max is developing some embarrassing habits.

After a birthday party today, he went to sniff every human's crotch in the house. Nothing seemed to work to make him stop from jumping on every person and sticking his nose way in there. How do you deal with that?

He also snapped at my sister when she moved his bone off the couch. Long after that incident she went to pet him and he snapped at her again. Din't bite, but aggressive enough to freak her out. How do we teach him not to do that again?
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Default embarrassing habits?

Do you go to obedience classes?

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By that it looks like hes a bit possesive and maybe nervous, I'd just take the bone off and sit calmly not paying atention to him
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Here are a couple of things you can try to reduce his possessiveness:
1. Hand feed your dog to demonstrate you conhtrol the food.

2. When your dog is eating from his bowl put your hand in the bowl and block his eating for a moment or pass your hand between his mouth and the bowl-again this demostrates YOU control his food.

3. When he is i.e. sitting on a chair or standing in a doorway DO NOT accomodate him by going around him or sitting elsewhere-make him move for you, "OFF!". I do this periodically to keep re-enforcing my role as the boss.

4. I would also discipline the dog when it acts aggressive in anyway with a "NO!" and give a time out somehwere.

5. as for the sniffing-don't have a recommendation, I think its just a dog thing.
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Mind Games (version 1.0) by M. Shirley Chong

True Blue, Here is a link to mind games. I use this with Natty Boh. He has some similar growling issues as Max and this has really helped. Try to up the obedience a lot. Go to classes, if you can. We are just starting our first class. What kind of bone did Max have? Was it a real bone, or a manufactured one - like nylabone? I would not allow Max to have it on the couch. For now, I would only allow him to have it in his crate. If he is resource guarding toys, or bones, practice trading with him. Don't just take his bone, or toy, but trade up by giving him something better.

I agree with most of what Cassie has already said. Matter of fact, Mind Games is similar. I would NOT, however use my hand to block his food. I want my dog to always see my hand as bringing something good, not taking something away. I have Boh sit in front of me with his empty bowl on the floor. I put some kibble in my fist and hold my raised fist near my face. At first I say, "Watch" When Boh makes eye contact, I put a little food in his bowl. Each fistful, he must watch. I no longer have to say the word. I just hold up my fist. A few times during the feeding, I say, "Wait." I can also hold up one finger for wait. I put a few pieces of food in Boh's bowl, but he cannot eat it, until I release him from the wait. At the very least, if I give him his bowl of food, he must sit and wait, until I release him to go to his bowl and eat.

Growling and snapping is not acceptable. Practicing obedience and getting Max to focus on you and respect you, will dramatically change his behavior. When you have company over, put Max on a leash. Put him next to you in a sit stay. That is how he is to greet people. This will keep him from being able to sniff crotches, growl or snap, because he will be under your complete control. If you are unable to keep Max on the leash, he should go into his crate.

I hear where you are coming from, because Natty Boh growls when he doesn't want to do something - get off the bed, go in his crate, get picked up, etc. He does not growl at me, but will growl at my adult daughters. If he growls, he loses privileges. No more on the bed. Leash restriction. They learn pretty quickly.

Good luck. I know this is something you want to nip while Max is a youngster.
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Default mind games

Thanks for posting that link. Very interesting article.
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Default embarrassing habits?

I admit I have no idea how to break a dog from sniffing the personal areas. Does make me laugh. Had a Aussie that only muzzle bumped men in the crotch. Every time she walked up to my brother in law he grabbed himself trying to protect his manly areas. Still makes me chuckle.

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One of my dogs used to be a therapy dog and one of the important things we were taught was that the dog will want to sniff the crotch area because of diapers, medical issues etc and that we could NOT let them do it at all. Andy was a greyhound and tall, so it was an extra challenge. I would re-direct his face with a gentle "no" and bring his face to the person's hand. Of course he would get pets and treats when he went to their hand so he was happy.
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