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Default Do Beagles calm down & pulling on a lead issues

Hi all, have a 7 month old Beagle and he is great. Got him at 8 weeks old, so have had him a while and been through a lot of the ups and downs that go with having a new pup. Love him to bits but at times he drives me mental. As I type right now he is asleep on my lap and I love that he likes being close but about an hour ago he was bouncing on the walls he had so much energy. Anyway, 2 questions for you's.....

1) I kind of thought we had seen the worst of the madness in the first 6 months of having him, however I am start to think lately that he is getting more mental lately. I joke when I say mental, I just mean he seems to try push the boundaries more now and is now ripping more things in the house even though he has plenty of chew toys, kongs etc. Can people tell me their own experiences of a beagle at this stage? Do beagles ever calm down? When he gets neutered will that help? When he is older wil he obey rules better?

2) Simple one, in the morning when I walk him he is good on the lead however when I take him in evening when I get home from work he drags me from pillar to post. He is literally choking himself he pulls so hard. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Does this stop when he is older? I try distract him with treats but to no luck
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Cassie will be 11 months next week and she is the same as you describe your dog...sorry to say. She is loveable, playful but despite lots of chew toys she will bounce on and off furniture, run around the house if allowed to and will rip up towels I use for her. This morning I had to put her in a crate in my car to take her to camp for the day. She nearly dragged me to the car and I foresee me falling since she is so strong. I did take her to obedience class when she was 5 months for 8 weeks to little use since she was busy chewing everything on the ground as it was held outside and I was busy trying to stop her rather than participating. I'm re-taking Cassie to the class in January fortunately at no charge. I'm hoping we both get more out of the training this time. The trainers for the class are k9 Sheriff officers who have experience in the Koehler method. I have to say I was astounded at the improvement of the other breeds attending the class so I'm not sure if its a Beagle-thing. I just started walking with a friend who has another breed of dog and it seems to help for the two dogs to walk together.
So essentially I have the same questions you have.
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Is he pulling because he wants to go faster, or pulling off at random directions to sniff stuff? Either way, you need to be more exciting than the smells, etc (hard sometimes, I know!). Have you tried getting him to focus on a treat in your hand as you walk, so he stays alongside you?
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Default Lead issues

I tried some things that I read on the Internet.

What finally worked for me. Was....

1 everytime he pulls in front of you walk you make a growl and turn and opposite direction . It looks a bit silly if someone watches takes some time and patience but they get the hint that they go in your direction and you are in charge...after they calm down I make sure that I keep the lead taught and close...once on the walk.walk briskly and not like a leisure stroll....and don't allow him to wander and stop for each sent...he will then enjoy just nose to the ground and stay moving.....I allow him to walk evenly with me but as soon as he starts to move ahead or start pulling . I stop get down and growl at him....then start moving again....making sure he waits for me to take the first step.....

Hopefully it makes sence......since I started this method...we can enjoy long walks together . He now walks just next to took about a week but I am consistent .
My sister has trouble with him still because she just lets him lead , pull and wander.
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Good news--by the time he is about a year and a half old, provided you have been consistent in his training and he knows what is expected of him, he will calm down and be a pretty darn excellent dog. Mostly.

I have four.

Bella was NUTS. I mean that sincerely. She was destructive and loud and bitey and unerringly found the most expensive things possible to shred beyond repair. She'll be four in April, and she's fantastic. Yes, she still has her "moments," but they are few and far between and do not involve large amounts of money to replace things.

Ruby will be three in April. I haven't had her that long, but she's very calm and very sweet. Loves people. Does not bark for no reason but does "yell" in your face when you get home, out of sheer happiness I suppose. Does not walk well on a lead but we will work on it in the spring.

Annie will be two in May. Annie is a wild child. She doesn't chew things she's not supposed to any more (mostly), but she also tends to charge around the house like she has a rocket strapped to her butt. She does listen very well and she walks nicely on a lead.

Rachel was a year old December 1. I have also not had her that long (unlike Bella and Annie, who I got as puppies, I adopted Ruby and Rachel as adults). Rachel is a "special" dog. I fear she's not that bright. She's also scared of EVERYTHING. She does walk on a lead but the outside world sends her into a terrified shaking meltdown. We are good friends now and have established trust and even affection, and she has begun to accept that certain people who visit the house fairly often are NOT beagle-eating monsters, but it's going to be a long road with her, I think.

Walking on a lead. Well, I can walk two comfortably at once on a dual lead from my wheelchair, but I use The Dreaded Training Collar on the dogs. People yell at me all the time, but I don't care. The training collar does NOT hurt the dog unless they pull, which they rapidly learn not to do. When Bella and Annie see the training collars come out, they bounce all over for joy. They will lower their heads to put the collars on and Bella even pops her ears back out of the way. The training collars are a POSITIVE thing to the dogs. They have learned to associate the collars with the joy of going for a walk. The collars go on right before we go out the door and come off when we get in--the signals to the dogs are very clear. Collar on--going out NOW. Collar off--walk over. I tried several other methods before settling on the trainers because frankly, they were the only thing that worked consistently. I have bought two more trainers and another dual lead for Ruby and Rachel and we have done a little parading around the backyard--I don't think these dogs have been walked before and we all need to be comfortable with the idea before we brave the street.
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My Millie is a menis on walks. She runs around you trying to trip you up and tie your legs together with the lead. She's only 14-15 weeks though so I'm hoping that when she starts puppy school in January she will be tought better lead manners. She almost tripped an old man the other day because everybody that walks close to her she thinks is her new best friend and wants to jump up and greet them, even crying if she's dragged away before she's had chance to say hi.

She's also super hyper she runs around like she also has a rocket tied to her back, she jumps up at you when she wants to play (head butting you sometimes) she playfully bites even though I've tried shouting and stopping the play as soon as she does it, she hasn't got the message yet that it can hurt. She's playful and lovely and the most friendly welcoming dog in the world but she is a hell of a handful. She screams when left alone, even if I'm just nipping upstairs to the toilet for a second coz we have a baby gate to stop her coming upstairs. You can't relax or leave her alone in a room for a second coz she will distory anything she can get her paws on...this time of year all the Xmas decs to her are just hanging toys for her to get hold of. She's already distoryed to carpet on the bottem step of the stairs.

So I too am hoping she will calm down in time and also taking her to puppy school I'm hoping that will help. She's a naughty but loveable dog but my favourite time with her is when she is fast asleep on my lap.

Hope you find a way to calm him, if you do please share
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I can't attest to how Aston Martin was as a baby since he was rescued at 1 & a half years old. That's when we adopted him. He was a total mess. Had restrainment issues, ran around like a wild child, chewed on the furniture, had SEVERE separation anxiety, pulled on his leash.....he was a terror.

That being said, on the advice of our vet, we put him in obedience and things started to get better. He's almost a perfect gentleman now at 2 and a half years old (a mere year later). We are in the advanced obedience class now, doing wonderfully and learning agility. When we go on walks, he doesn't wear a harness or even his regular collar. He has a Caesar Milan illusion collar (a variation of a martingale). It really helped eliminate the pulling with the collar and the help of his trainer. He even goes willingly in his kennel and has not had many issues. We've made great improvement over one year, but we still have a way to go. He's still a spaz, but an under control spaz
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Wow! Shelly Then there is hope for Rascal. We adopted her Nov 2 from the pound. Someone threw her away in the south part of town. I think that was her first car ride. She goe insane when we take her someplace in the car. She is getting better now. We are signed up for obedience 1 in Jan.
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Originally Posted by techie View Post
Wow! Shelly Then there is hope for Rascal. We adopted her Nov 2 from the pound. Someone threw her away in the south part of town. I think that was her first car ride. She goe insane when we take her someplace in the car. She is getting better now. We are signed up for obedience 1 in Jan.
There is definitely hope! Aston is ok in the Jeep, as long as we are moving. The minute we stop, he goes nuts. We still think it has something to do with being abandoned on the side of a busy highway. Obedience did and still does help a lot. People think that beagles are hard to train. That's what people kept telling me. Aston picked everything up very quick. We still have issues with some commands, but he's a totally different dog. Still the same personality, but more behaved. We are still committed to working with him everyday and being patient. Beagles are super smart and I have no doubt that Rascal with do wonderfully in obedience!

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I adopted my girl when she was 2-3 years old. I love her more than anything, so I can say this- she was naughty! Hyper, noisy, destructive, etc....she is not the same dog now. She is calm, loving, and almost never barks. (I don't think I've heard her bark in the last several months.) She still has her moments (she has these crazy bursts of energy occasionally and will run through the house at full power, but she doesn't bother anything and it's just funny)- she also still chews things occasionally when she's been left to her own devices too long, but mostly she just is interested in being a lap dog and eating LOL. It took a LOT of training and patience to get to this point, but now she is just the best little dog. Good luck!
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