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Default Puppy questions: house-training, chewing, Leishmaniasis?

Hi! We just introduced ourselves earlier today -- Bella is a 4.5-month old Beagle and very smart and sweet, but I already have questions. We got a late start on Bella's training because, altho' she was taken from her litter too early (and exported, poor thing), we didn't find her until she was 4 months old. She hadn't had proper vaccines, much less socializing or training, so we're a bit behind schedule but we are dedicated and she is enthusiastic and bright. I'm just going to say where we are with everything, and will love to hear your comments and suggestions. Here goes: Bella has peed and pooped on the newspaper since day 1-- a nice surprise, particularly as the vet said she can't go out between 8pm-8am because of the risk of Leishmaniasis, and that we should spray Bella with Citronella at 8pm. The vet said we needed to adhere to that schedule PERMANENTLY, and that Bella would be able to last the 12 hours by age 6-8 months, but aside from not really believing that, I think it's cruel to keep a dog inside 12 hours. We always had our dogs out at night, but that was years ago in the U.S. and now we live in Europe. Maybe Leishmaniasis wasn't a problem there/then? Anyway, after realizing that Bella always poops during the night or immediately upon waking, and having had over a week of her refusing to pee or poop outside, and her immediately eating her poop inside, I resorted to putting Citronella on her in the morning too and getting her out the door around 7am before she could do anything in the house. This worked! She still goes on the paper in the house (pees about every hour at least) but now she understands that she can go outside as well. She obeys the commands to sit, and to come, and she is learning "leave it" in our effort not only to prevent her from stealing small objects in the house (socks and dishcloths being her favorites) but mainly to stop her from mouthing, chewing and even swallowing every stick, stone, leaf, and other particle she encounters on our walks. We walk her in a very large woods so there's no end to the enticements for her and so far no end to her chewing everything. The vet suggested a velcro strap on her mouth, but I figure the velcro will stop her picking up things, but it won't teach her, so without it the behaviour will just resume. As for her eating her poop, altho' I'm home most of the day (and I spy on her) she can still often do it and eat it before I get there. I read that puppies might do this if they're very hungry, and she does eat incredibly fast so I've started feeding her each meal in two portions to slow her down. She is fed 3x/day, 60grams. The vet said she's getting enough food and that the poop-eating is an instinctive behavior, I should put a lot of Tabasco on it and leave it for her to have the bad experience. That didn't work; she ate it despite Tabasco and didn't even rush for the water bowl! Lemon juice didn't work; now trying Habanero pepper sauce. We are going to crate train Bella as soon as our crate arrives; we had to special order. Meantime, Bella spends her "alone time" in a large sunroom and is excellent about going to sleep by herself without any crying, and we're making great progress on teaching her to be alone in the daytime for 2-3 hours without (thus far) any complaints from the neighbors. Usually she sleeps a lot during the day and then from about 10pm until 7am (getting up to pee), but this morning she got up at 5:45am and woke the whole house. I'm worried that it's going to be the new schedule. She was taken out, but did nothing. We think she pooped in the night and ate it. So we could really use some advice on how to stop that disgusting habit, and also about what a reasonable schedule is for her as far as eating and sleeping. I've been reading up on crate-training but would appreciate any advice based on your own experience. So, sorry to have written so much, and looking forward to hearing from you experienced Beagle people!

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Not sure if I can post links here or not but here is an excellent article on tips to break a dog from eating it's own (or other animal) feces:
Stopping Dogs From Eating Poop

But I can tell you from past experience that alm,ost all pups and younger dogs go through a phase of doing this. I've seen it to be prevalent in dogs obtained from animal rescues shelters.

The good news is 99% of all dogs grow out of this disgusting habit and ones that don't then there is something that causing it.

So my advice is when you catch the dog doing this to scold her for doing so and this alone will break most dogs from doing this.

Anyway hope this helps.
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I think house training is okay, but I'd prefer dealing with a professional. Read some reviews (Veterinary and vet services review and complaints) and you will find tips from experienced pet owners. I think there is a lot of information left to know! Besides, it all depends on your dog - whether it needs professional training or no. My Jack needed it as I had no clue about controlling him.
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Unhappy eating her own poop and house-training

Thanks for the two article postings! I will certainly take a look at them. Bella has progressed a bit in the house-training; now every morning she pees and poops outside, but for the rest of the day she prefers the paper in the house and if there's no paper, she'll just go on the tile. We take her out about every 2-3 hours for at least 20 minutes or more. We go out to the same location, where she can run around on her lead about 15 feet in every direction. I read that the long walks (covering distance) are too distracting for a puppy; so many new things to see and smell and taste they cannot focus on the business. It's very frustrating tho', that after the successful morning outings, later in the day, she won't do anything outside no matter how long we stay out, and then will come inside and immediately go on the floor. She will try to eat her poop outside so we are working on "leave it". In the house she will eat it before I can get it, despite my shouting at her. I have not shouted at her for pooping in the house; I read that if the puppy fears punishment, it will eat it to hide the evidence. I do shout at her as soon as she goes to eat it, but that seems to have no effect. We have also followed the vet's advice to try making it taste bad, but nothing we put on it stops her: lemon juice, tabasco, habanero pepper sauce, cayenne pepper powder; and nothing we put in her food stops her: pineapple, spinach, broccoli... I'm really disgusted by it and hope very much that she outgrows it. Meantime, I'll just keep looking for new solutions.
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Poop eating is gross. I hoped that my 11 month old dog would stop but if I don't sprint when I see her getting ready to poop she'll turn around so fast and grab it. Most of the time when she poops and I'm not aware she will come in from outside and bark which is a clue she's pooped-it's really funny she has to announce it...none the less she may leave some but I can tell some is missing...this is more common than you think. It is a puzzelment to me since she is a picky eater despite trying different brands (dry, wet, grain free...blah blah blah)...go figure.
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