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Default Teaching Beagle's Tricks?

Hey does anyone know the best way to teach a beagle tricks? I tried to give her treats but all she does is care about the treat and not the trick. She can sit but thats all. I know this topic has probably been covered somewhere on this forum but I wanted to show a video of Lilly catching popcorn lol here it is. Hope Everyone has a great Beagle Weekend!

Beagle Catching Popcorn
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I actually haven't tried to teach Dillon tricks, but for the last few days, on his own, somehow, he's picked the "begging" body posture when he sees me go to the treat jar. As greedy as he is he probably could be taught tricks with food. I'll have to try.
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Are there specific tricks you want to teach? Because your dog probably doesn't know/understand what certain words mean you have to show them or make them do what it is you want them to do, then give the treat. For instance, if you want them to shake paw, say "shake paw" and then grab their paw and say good boy/girl and then give treat. If you want them to roll over or to lay down, say, "lie down or roll over" and then actually put them in that position, say good boy/girl and then give treat until they understand the action you are asking of them and can do it on command on their own. Repetition, repetition, repetition... This is just how I was able to successfully teach mine. It may or not work with you. Does this make sense?
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Fifteen Tips for Getting Started with the Clicker | Karen Pryor Clickertraining

Fun & Handy Tricks | Karen Pryor Clickertraining

The Power of Positive Dog Training - Pat Miller - Google Books
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We did a 6-week manners class through our Humane Society. Kunu learned sit, stay, down, wait, target, back up, dance, shake, heel, and stop—our emergency word which he freezes on. The trainers told us to use the smelliest yummy treats. For Kunu, it was hot dogs and pepperoni. But first he had to learn that the treat only comes when he obeys and sits in front of us. It took a lot of time to get him to sit and focus instead of going gaga over the treat, but it'll come.
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We taught Tasha to sit, drop, beg, shake, high five. she used to roll over but decided she wasn't going to do that one anymore. She can also jump through a hoop and run through a tunnel. She will do all of this for food and occasionally she will sit or drop for love. She can "stay" in our backyard but it really is more of a game for her. I would never trust her to do this outside of a fenced area.

To teach her to drop we got her to sit first, gave her a treat, then we said "drop" and put the treat on the ground a little in front of her still in our hand so she couldn't get it until she dropped. As soon as she dropped she got the treat. Beagles are very motivated for food and pick things up quickly once they realise a treat is involved.
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I've found that my new adorable pure-bred Beagle is far less intuitive when it comes to training than the Beagle-X foster puppy we had. I've followed all of the methods that we learned at puppy school but they don't really seem to do the job!

For example we were taught that to get the dog to sit, take the treat and move it from above it's nose to above behind it's head and then it will naturally sit. For Holly yes, for Porthos no...she'd just start begging!

And for lay down we were taught to get her into a sit position then move the piece of food to the ground and she will naturally lay down to get closer to it. For Holly yes, for Porthos no...she just walks forward to try and take it!

We managed to get around sit by a little push on the bottom (which I know isn't recommended as it places pressure on the back, but we kept it light) and she's got that one down now. But we're still not having any luck with the others!

Actually, stay is my favourite with Porthos. The word stay seems to draw and imaginary line on the ground that she won't cross. But she won't exactly stay either! The moment I say stay (for example when I'm making her wait for her dinner) she starts flipping and frolicking about all over the place (behind the imaginary line) and even howls at me. Haha. So it's not exactly what we want but it is very adorable!
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With Nala we use treats to train her and we had the same problem, she would get so excited at the prospect of getting a treat she wouldn't focus on the commands. We learned that if we would save her training sessions until right after her walk or other vigorous exercise, she is able to focus a little better.
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With Nala, have you tried the "watch me" exercise. Put the treat up to your nose and say "watch me."

Use a clicker to lock in the command. With "watch me" you begin the focusing process needed for training.

Beagles do best with shaping. Cut the trick into components then treat and click as the dog gets each segment correct.

It is usually easier to teach simple tricks first - that have less component parts. Over time and with practice - i have found that my dog is able to do amazing things. Like "come" and "stop" at any point I tell her. I can even get Bailey Star to "spin" at 50 feet away and then "lay down" at any point of the return.

Bailey Star likes to do tricks if I provide treats or a ball. She sometimes balks and barks at me, but eventually comes round. I reinforce training in the small dog park and at home.

What I have found is that absent having treats or a ball - Bailey Star sometimes only responds to commands about 50% of the time. Especially when there is a distraction like a stranger at the house. This is probably the reason why Beagles are often considered difficult to train. They are smart and strong willed.

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Dillon here. I've taught my human to give me a small biscuit treat every time I come in from outside when called, go outside when she wants me to potty, and go into my crate if she's going somewhere. It's amazing how simple this was to do and how well it works! Very little effort expended on my part but it yields several treats each day! Humans! They're cute as can be and SO easily manipulated!
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