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awwwww so glad you gave him the chance at a dog's life in a loving home. Congrats.

I adopted a rescue beagle last june.
She is more like a malamute in beagle body

Does not get lost in scent, I have her off leash everywhere with no problems with recall...she comes flying to me when I call her.
She rarely barks, and then only one or two good woofs at a time.

I spend a lot of time bonding, training, loving and singing with her.
I thought it was important that she know she could use her voice, so my alaskan sled dog and I taught her to howl.
Once she learned she was not only allowed to use her voice, but that it was encouraged, she became so much more confident and silly

I must say though, the off leash ability is a bonus, we have friends who also adopted a rescue beagle, and this is not a possibility with her yet unless in a fenced area. She is all adorable baying, scenting silly beagle. Quite a difference.

Wow, sorry to write a book, just wantd to say, in time you may see more of the beagle traits come out and that with love, and bonding and time, she may develop further into her beagleness

I would love pics.

I do also support the beagle freedom project. Amazing group.
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He is not debarked-apparently in the kennels at school he was one of the loudest. Also, debarked dogs try to bark, and their effort is obvious physically and you can hear a little hoarse "erhh." He just is SILENT.

I can let him off-leash in a field but when he gets to the woods he will get distracted...but he wanders back after a few minutes.

Yes, they people at school don't like Marshall Labs, either. But, we have no choice for teaching animals-we need animals of a consistant size for their kennels and with no pathogens/diseases. They have a pretty good life at school-the students take them out a few times a day on walks, and there is a dog park, they have lots of toys and social opportunities. We do use them for teaching purposes (mostly physical exams-nothing too crazy) and they get rest periods after that. After they are here for a few years, they retire and students adopt them. It's not like experiments or anything. But, the beagles we have are from Marshall labs and just as easily could have been used in a clinical trial.

The only thing is, they have no experience living in a home setting, and often are in need of some "life-skills" training-like housebreaking, getting used to things like the TV, etc.

He is just different. Here he is having fun-
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Default Ms. Annabelle


I adopted a Marshall Beagle from a research lab when she was 1.5 years old and i have had her for over 2 years now. She was very shy and timid at first but has come around remarkably. I too had crated her at first but she no longer needs it. She is on medicine because she leaks a bit of urine throughout the day regardless of how much she is out. I've just learned to deal with covering my furniture... Kind of gross but she just drinks water, no beer or soda. Happen with anyone else?

She does not bark much at all, I was a bit worried about it at first but from this thread it sounds normal. I don't believe she is debarked because i have heard her bark a few times. Sometimes at night she whimpers and makes a bit of noise, obviously I don't know what she is dreaming about but sometimes i'm afraid its a bad dream from the lab or maybe she's getting after a rabbit in dreamland. Has anyone else had this experience?

When i adopted her we had to get a tattoo over her lab number so her name is tattooed in her ear. Some people look at me like a monster but after i explain its not a fashion statement they tend to think its kind of cool. AND it was done while she was under getting her spay.

Proud beagle owner - Dan
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You by any chance go to Becker College?
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Thank you for rescuing your boy!!!!
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I adopted my beagle from my school where he was also a teaching dog as well as a former Marshall dog(funny enough my school named him Marshal) and he is almost the exact same! He doesn't play with toys. He's usually good about not having accidents in the house, he's very picky with his food, etc. he does however seem to not like being alone. He hates being locked in rooms. He'll cry for ages and is very determined and won't stop until he's let out. He's the sweetest dog I've ever met though. He'll lay in bed with me or on the couch for ages if he could. He's a very lazy boy. I say all the time that he isn't a beagle lol I can go outside off leash with him and if he walks to far I call his name and he comes running back to me. He's very attached. I went outside with him one day when there were two deer in our yard and he looked at them but wasn't interested at all(and he was off leash)
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