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Default Full beagle?

Hi everyone,
I introduced myself after I adopted bella, as she's adopted and I didn't get her from her mum I was just wondering what you think? I'm told in good faith she is a beagle to me however, her nose looks long and pointyish, she very skinny though, but every beagle I've come across is chunky and has black on them. Bella is red and White only. It's difficult to get a picture because she doesn't sit still long enough and hates the flash but hopefully you'll be able to get the idea, so full beagle or not?
*** for some reason it won't let me attach a picture with my iPad, but if you have a look at profile picture she's on there
Thank you :-)
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Hard to tell from the picture. She looks like a beagle, maybe just bigger or the angle of the picture. She is beuatiful.
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Thank you :-)
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Looks like a beagle to me! I have two and they are both so different and similar looking at the same time.
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Aside from the price you paid for him, is there any reason to believe that you would care about him less if you found out there was a spot of something else in his lineage? We got our first beagle from a back yard breeder for free. Cute as the dickens, but as he grew we noticed his paws were bigger, he was chunkier, and his ears were longer than some of the other beagles. About four years later we found out he was a bagel, part basset and part beagle. The best dog ever. Our second one has a pointed nose, like you described, and skinny feet and legs, although we know he is a pure bred, because we know both the sire and the bitch. Our last (for now) beagle came from a breeder/show person, and we have papers on him, His mother is a grand champion and she is liver and white , no black at all. His father is white and dark brown no black, except under his brown fur there are patches of black. He has a box nose, and beagle feet....and a beagle bark....SO....we got a beagle,. They come in many, many colors and shapes, but I would say unless you wanted to show him, just love him up and treat him as a wonderful part of the family.
Cathy J

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My Beagle, who is AKC,(although, his parents were a "mated pair" with no genetic testing, and fed corn gluten products, so that makes him suspect!) has a longer, somewhat pointer face than I see in photos of the show type Beagles. I am actually seeing more of his style face lately than the other kind. When his jowls are relaxed, though his face has a more square appearance. I think that Beagles who come from mostly hunting stock will probably be more varied in appearance, because hunting ability more than looks are a priority in their breeding. I know that Rat Terriers, the ones bred for show and pet have a more"refined", physically attractive appearance than the rest, who usually more reflect their not too distant mixture of several breeds.
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Definately looks beagle, maybe a lemon (tan & white) instead of a tri color? I've seen beagles that are on the skinny side at the dog park, usually female (not mine, of course )
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Hi. I think she looks like a beagle - I have been a hobby breeder of championship line beagles, and I can tell you that beagles come in all sizes, shapes AND colors. She might possibly (hard to tell from picture) be a red and white. There are also, as previous poster noted, "lemons", chocolates, as well as the more common "tri/colors". At one time I had 11 beagles here, ranging from Chloe, who is a tiny girl, very thin with a LONG nose, and weighing a whopping 15#, all the way to Romeo who was my very "sturdy beagle" at 14.75" tall and roughly 40 pounds - and everything in between, with most running toward the small size, as the father of most of the pups was a little guy - about 12" and 20#. They also ranged in "facial features" with most having a more "medium" nose, but Romeo and a little rescue girl from Show Champion lines, both having a "shorter, broader" face. They are ALL beagles - all AKC, but, like people, all have differences. I currently have 4 females, as I had to re-home 7 of my dogs due to a possible move to a city with a 4 animal "limit". The 4 girls I have left are all different - two are very small, one is a more "normal", medium size, and her 2 year old pup is small, but not as small as the other two. I have always wanted either a chocolate beagle or a red beagle, but at my age, there won't be more than the 4 I have now. Good luck with her - doesn't really matter what color they are, they're just wonderful!
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She looks like a beagle to me - and adorable too!!!
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She looks beagley to me too. I see you're from the UK too - In the UK our beagles tend to come in two different forms - show stock and former hunting stock. She looks to me like she's (at least partly) descended from hunting stock - they tend to have a more athletic build and narrower/longer muzzle than the chunky show stock dogs (who are much more prone to putting on weight - and usually have more health issues than the hardier hunting dogs). My little guy is about as close to the UK kennel club breed standard as you can get, yet when we met some hunting beagles at our local agricultural show we couldn't believe how different the two kinds could be while still being the same breed. Both absolutely gorgeous as well!
Enjoy her
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