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Also raised puppy since he was 8 weeks old in an apartment. Never crated. While he was little he chewed on some things, carpet mostly but all pupies do that not only beagles . Got a trainer and used bitter apple. The most important thing is the exercise , at least two hours a day.
He always had free roaming everywhere - funny, when I decided I don't care what he destroys he completly stopped chewing. It happened since he was six months old.
I had two dogs before him, one spaniel, one beagle and followed the same rules .
It is just like with children, they destroy things, write on the wall with their Sharpies but you don't let them do it and you teach them what to do or don't yell, right?
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Originally Posted by star0513 View Post
I guess it depends on the beagle and the person...I currently live in an apartment, and I raised my beagle from 8 weeks old here. He is now two, and I don't have problems with barking/howling.

I work full time, but I made sure that I could come home during lunch while he was young to avoid accidents and keep him on his potty training schedule. I also super puppy proofed the place, so there was nothing for him to get into, and kept doors closed on rooms I didn't want him to go in.

Lots of training and making sure he gets enough exercise works for me!
I live in an apt and I've had Biscuit since she was 9-10weeks old. I also come home at lunch time to make sure she gets appropriate potty breaks. No howling or barking issues here. Although, when I first got her, my (very understanding and cool) neighbors did mention that they would hear her whining/crying but that stopped after a little while. She only howls whenever she hears a fire engine. I walk her in the morning, afternoon and we go running in the evenings so she gets plenty of exercise. She's crated when I'm gone at the moment but I'm ready to take the next step and seriously puppy proof the place so she can be free to wander and play when I'm gone.

I think it depends on the dog - it can be a roll of the dice on their personalities but figuring out ways to properly raise them could help a lot.
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Originally Posted by kutyuska View Post
It is just like with children, they destroy things, write on the wall with their Sharpies but you don't let them do it and you teach them what to do or don't yell, right?
I would agree with that. I was a nanny for several years and there isn't much difference in dealing with misbehaving. Obviously you can't explain to a dog why they shouldn't do something, but you can teach them that they aren't supposed to do it.
"If you want the best seat in the house, move the dog."-Unknown
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I know we couldn't live in an apartment with Lily. Anytime we leave she howls quite a bit. I imagine she settles down after awhile but she is very vocal about it. Of course I don't think it helps that there is almost always someone around so there are very few times where she has to be alone.
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Default Beagle Shelter Dog Adopter

I've read the threads here and I think I and my new friend are OK, but let me see what you think:

I adopted a two year old Beagle (they say mix but "Kiely" is definitely mostly beagle) from the Humane Society. Shes now spayed but already has snapped back into the sweetheart she was when I met her. However, I did notice that she was very vocal about me leaving just to go to do laundry. She was also an outside dog which is going to make potty training her a little tougher, but I'm OK with that.

My plan with regards to the potty training is (unfortunately) can't be helped.

I am going to let my neighbors around me know that I have a beagle and that it may get a little loud in the mornings for a few weeks. From what I understand, they should be OK since no one works night shifts.

Any suggestions will help. Thanks!
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My Beag is 13 months and is quite vocal particularly when I'm out of her sight for a second...bark...bark...bark-I would be surprised ifyour dog does it only a few weeks
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I think if you were to raise a puppy in an apartment setting it would probably be fine, but yes you would have to deal with puppy behavioral issues. Crate training is a must for apartments. It would be very important to maintain a routine and to make sure the pup is getting plenty of exercise. My two year old beagle and I have always lived in places with yards and recently had to move into a condo and she's had some trouble adjusting. She's doing much better but I have to make sure besides going out to potty several times a day she has to got out for a 1-2 hour adventure whether it be going to the dog park, going on jogs, or roaming around the woods.
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I've raised my beagle just fine in my duplex (I know it's not the same as an apartment, but I still share a wall with potentially cranky neighbors and have a dog-hating landlady) I'd get to know your neighbors and landlord a little and feel out their personalities. If they seem crabby or have a short fuse, you may have to either not get a beagle or take extra steps to make sure your beagle is a well behaved canine citizen. If you do get a beagle, the best way to make sure it thrives in an apartment is EXERCISE. Wake up extra early in the morning to take it on a walk, make sure that it has LOTS of toys while you're away and crate train it. When you get home, no matter how tired you are, you'll have to take it on the long walk of the day. Not just around the block, but a good, solid speed walk. If you have a dog park near you, stop by there and let it run. The dog park was the best thing I discovered when I got Jayne. She gets to socialize with other dogs all while sprinting across a field and wearing herself out. If you don't have a dog park in your area, try seeing if any of your friends have a fenced in yard and, if they have dogs, set up a play date.
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