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Default Invisible fence training

Hi everyone, I'm new here with a question of corse. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for using search.

I would like to hear how people successfully trained their beagles on an invisible fence.

Here's my story. We live on 7 acres and are surrounded by a river on 3 sides. We have a 3 year old Lab that we adore. 6 weeks ago a male beagle appeared on our doorstep. His face was cut up and his pads were sore so I'm guessing he's a lost hunting dog. I put an ad in the paper, called the local(kill)shelter and several vets in the area. No one has claimed him. I won't take him to the shelter so it looks like he is ours. He gets along great with Abby, our Lab. They play and snuggle like they've been together forever.

Last week we had an invisible fence put in and it is really hurting me watching the poor beagle. He keeps approaching the flags, grabbing them, and getting shocked in the process. He now refuses to walk on a leash with the e-collar on.

During the day while we are at work, we put him in the goat pasture where he has access to the barn, water, etc. He gets along great with the pygmy goats. We remove his e-collar during this time. Unfortunately he is escaping from there. Abby has a 10x10 kennel she is in while we're away but I'm afriad that's too close for the two of them without supervision. When we are home they are in the house or outside with us. Abby is doing well on the system she stays about 20-30 feet away from the flags. She did however attempt to chase a squirrel this morning and would have gotten zapped if I hadn't pulled her back.

Anyone have words of wisdom they would like to share. I've talked to our trainer and he says let the beagle continue to get shocked and he will eventually learn.
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Default Re: Invisible fence training

It's hard with beagles because of their hunting instincts. When they get a scent of something, noting will stop them from going after it.

Our neighbor has a system like yours. She's a two year old beagle that has learned what her boundaries are. The collar makes a beeping sound if she is about to leave the area. When she hears it she makes a beeline back to the yard. I've never seen her get shocked so I don't know how she would react to it.

I'm assuming the system came with instructions on how to train the dog and use it properly. Have you gone through that? If not, you might want to do some research on the web for some help in training your dog with the new setup.

Good luck!

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Default Re: Invisible fence training

I know their are success stories with beagles and invisible fences!! I KNOW there ARE! Unfortunately, there are a lot of un-success stories, too! My Toby finally figured out that it only hurt for a second and started running through it. Beagles are tough because they just follow that nose with little regard for anything else. If you had a professional put in your fence, you might contact them for advice specifically for beagles.

It is so awesome of you to take in this little guy! Beagles can be tough on some matters, but they are awesome mates for Labs (as you are already seeing) and they have a way of making you fall in love with them!!!
Buffy, Mama to a bunch of boys! 2 human and 2 Beagle! Toby, almost 9 and Lucky, 2.
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Default Re: Invisible fence training

I have no advice on electric fences, and I've never used one, but just wanted to say Hi and Welcome!!
Gale~Mom to Maggie

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Default Re: Invisible fence training

I have never considered an electric fence because of our geography. We are on the very edge of a city that boarders the Rocky Mt. foothills. It is sort of a Critters-R-Us area. I would be very concerned with what could come IN the yard while my dogs could not get OUT. Mountain lions, bears, deer, you get the idea. I would press the electric fence guy for some real serious lessons and instructions for your new family member. Just remember that Beagles are a totally dedicated nose on 4 paws as far as smells go! LOL Welcome aboard - I am sure your Lab must be estatic about a new playmate.
Shasta, Austin & Megan
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Default Re: Invisible fence training

We have an invisable fence around our home and cottage areas and it works great for my little beagle who is always on a leash when not in those two areas as she loves to run but never goes out of the fence no matter what may be over the other side.She knows her limits and doesn't even go to the beep. I check her batteries often because if she ever got out she would be gone.I think she would come back but would never take that chance.I think your beagle will catch on quickly, just keep taking him to the beep and even to the shock a couple times and bring him back.It really doesn't hurt and is worth is for the safety in the long run.
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Default Re: Invisible fence training

Hi all. I am new to this board. I saw this topic and had to chime in. My beagle, Chloe is a smart cookie. We have a Petsafe containment. Its the same as invisable fenceing. But you do it your self and it is cheaper. Well Chloe was great with it loves her new found freedom instead of being in a kennel all the time or tied to a high tie. We live in the country and we have a 1/2 acre fenced off for Chloe. Well recently she has been getting out. Not sure how but she won't come back into the yard. Well we called the company and they suggusted a new collar This collar beeps as the other but won't let the dog linger in the tone zone by giving it a vibration. If the dog leaves the zone and comes back in it resets if not then the vibrate then sends a mild stimulation. Retreat it resets does not retreat gets stronger ect ect. Needless to say Chloe is a sad puppy now she has not got past the vibration. She will realize before long that the vibration doesn't hurt. Then she will get hit with it.
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Default Re: Invisible fence training

I can't imagine that it works with a beagle. They are too smart, too stubborn, too resilient, etc... I will say that we have a totally fenced in back yard, but have had to resort to adding an electric fence in some areas that our newest Beagle has decided are just too fun to dig in and escapes (along with the other 3). Even the electric fence that shocks her when she touches it hasn't really stopped her completely. She continues to try to dig there, but it has slowed her down some. She's my most determined little one, but partially because she is new to us I am sure. The other three only escape the yard when she has dug them a passage to freedom. lol

I am happy you found BW and I would like to say welcome. I hope you enjoy our forum.
Donna - owned by Maya, Little Man Tate, Sulli, and honorary beagle Sam
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Default Re: Invisible fence training

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I know next to nothing about beagles and hope to spend more time with you guys learning about the behaviorisms of the fun little beagle.

Taco, that's what we've named him, is doing really well today. I'm so proud of him. He did however have his first accident in the house but I'm not telling DH. It really was my fault; I slept in this morning and did not get the pups outside right away when Abby asked. Taco did aim in the right direction. He peed on the toilet.

I'll try to post a pic and tell you more about Taco this afternoon. I appreciate your positive comments.
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