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Default When does the destructive stage end?

There have been countless posting about beagles chewing on cell phones, shoes, linens, brushes, hats, etc. Just last night Bodie finished off is $80 dog bed.

In the past when Bodie tore through a dog toy I'd get out a needle, some industrial thread and patch it back up. But it's gotten to the point where as soon as I give it back to him he's undone all my handy work and/or put a new hole in it.

So we've gone from cute fuzzy appealing toys to super durable 4-layer toys that take him two hours to start destroying. At $20 a pop, those toys are simply too expensive to keep replacing.

My question is this... when will it end. When does puppy hyperness and mischief end? When can we leave the dog unattended for more than 5 minutes without him getting into trouble.

I think overall Bodie is a pretty well behaved dog... when we're supervising him. It's those times he sneaks off and no one is watching that he feels the need to chew on something until it is destroyed.

I've heard dogs are considered puppies until they're 2 years old. Does this apply to beagles too? If so, it's going to be a long 2 years.


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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Well Brien,
I can't speak for all but in my case, Coco didn't grow out of his puppy stage till he was about 2yrs old. He use to chew through everything, you name it he did it. It got to the point that I stopped buying him toys and just bought him bones instead to destory. He still destorys our socks, shoes, his bed etc every once in a while but not as bad as when he was a pup. Maybe some puppy classes could help if you haven't taken him yet. I know it helped my friend's dog.
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Molly is 3 and she just can be destructive to her toys. She stopped her destruction to items in the house and things like the feeding stands. However she just shredded her dog bed a few days ago. I try to make sure she has a daily chew of some sort. She will just lay on her bed chewing and chewing her stuffed animals.
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Ben has grown out of the random item (shoes, flooring, tables, etc.) destruction phase (knock on wood) and he is 2.5 years old. We leave him home unattended for 6-7 hours during the day sometimes and the worst we have come home to is the kitchen garabge all over the floor a couple of times.

He is still destructive with most stuffies. He has one large moose stuffie (about the same size as him) that he has had since Christmas that has only lost one ear. This is a miracle really.

We usually buy him really cheap stuffies (under a dollar) from Zellers or the dollar store. He plays with them for a awhile and then they are expertly destuffed.

We don't bother with expensive toys - not worth the money!
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

i feel ur pain.
80 dollar dog bed with internal heat and massage feature. destroyed.
160 work boots destroyed
2 dvr remotes (50 each) check.
electrical work under porch that cut lighting to half the house and would have cost over 1000 to fix (thank god my dad's a contractor) done that too.
*sigh* been there, yelled about it, am thinking of getting tshirts done.........i'll send u one if it pans out.

and go figure my dog isn't really a chewer either. its only on the rare occasion that he'll chew something. (he prefers socks actually) if he were a chewer (some beagles that can chew thru a black kong...) i'd probably gone crazy by now.

Luckily for the most part, its puppy kong and cowbones. but when they want to get in trouble, boy do they go all out.
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Hmm..I'm not sure if they grow out of destroying toys--afterall, you are offering it to him to have his way with it. Lilo's 3 and still likes to destroy stuffed animals and cloth-based toys. Java's the better destroyer of the two, but they only target toys and items that have been offered to them.

I've improvised myself: tearing and tying up old dickies pants (they're TOUGH), and tying up a bunch of old socks (beware, if you dont like sock remnants ALL over the place). They seem to enjoy those, so I'm not complaining

I feel your pain, though. I've resorted to tougher toys (kongs, balls, ropes) as stuffed animals are no match for my dynamic duo. It kinda stinks because I know Lilo likes being tucked in with her stuffed toys, but it never survives.
Alan - proudly owned by Java (1 y/o M) and Lilo (3 y/o F)
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Well, as far as destroying toys, our boys are 5 and 9 years old. They destroy stuffed toys at warp speed. That's why we go to Goodwill where we can buy bagsful for a dollar or two.

Otherwise, they're not destructive. Of course, since they have the workshop, and aren't left in the house unattended, I can't say for sure that they wouldn't destroy anything. All I can say is that they don't bother anything when they're in the house with us.
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Neither Rosa (8yrs) nor Sherry (10 yrs) destroy anything really. They have never destroyed anything that isn't their's i.e. furniture but Rosa has made a few holes in plush toys and Sherry has almost ripped a hole in their bed but not quite (give her a few more months).

My first dog Lilly however destroyed all her toys, all my furniture, carpets, lino, electric cables, phones, remotes, washing machine handles, clothes, shoes blah blah blah...the list is endless. She carried on being destructive with household things until she was about 5 yrs old then stopped but still destroyed all her toys until her last year of life aged 9.
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Ours grew out of it at about age 2. We also went through remotes,jeans,shoes,hair scruncies,an entire couch phone books, carpet and countless toys that we just stopped buying and replaced with raw hides. Hang in there!
Jennifer- owned by Gunnar and Daisy-"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals"-Immanual Kant
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Default Re: When does the destructive stage end?

Our older dogs (2 & 5) do not seem to be bad about destroying things anymore. Or stealing things either. Our two younger ones, both 1.5 still have the bad habits though. That is why they are crated at night and no longer have beds to sleep on. They get a couple of blankets and that is it. I think 2 years is appropriate with Beagles, but I am sure that can vary.
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